GTA V Machinima Series of Epic V* Stars Survivals

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Hello and good day people. I am new to the forums and I am still learning the ropes. Also, this is my first post. It's a nice looking forum and I think I will visit this site and this section quite often from now on.

Anyway, to get on the matter. Not a long ago, I started to make episodes for my first series in GTA V. It's called the "Epic V* Stars Survivals". The series of episodes are purely made to show how to survive the encounters with (the Almighty) LSPD, Gangs, Marine corpses and enemy AI in general and each episode is combined of different types of actions and crime. I recorded everything in GTA V SP and every episodes is portrayed with:

- Cinematic Camera Driving

- Head-Shot kills on Free Aim Kills

- Gun and Run on Land and Air

- Good Camera Angles

- Complete control of the characters actions and moves

- Epic Escape & Survival

- HUD On (well, it's sometimes too hard in the state of SA)

and the most important they are portrayed without CHEATS! Also, most of the episodes are recorded in one just a single session.

Here are a few links so you can check them out:

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Would be appreciated to hear from the fans of the series or game, causal players and (machinimas) viewers some opinions, suggestions, comments (maybe about the scenes you liked the most ) or critics. Thanks.

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