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WOW i just saw a video and map with all the collectibles and I must admit I ever saw some of them in my playthroughs. I did not even know they exist XD

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Flying sucks no matter what you do.

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just found this awesome video about myth in GTAV. There are some nice tricks in there. For example you can hide in bushes from the cops^^

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Flying sucks no matter what you do.

Planes are ok - I can deal with the occasional jerking left and right and it gives it a touch of authenticity. Helicopters though.. I dunno what they were going for but they are just awful. The stick is way too sensitive in controlling them.

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@hermanbloom: Also it's not 'in' the garage but you can get it from the saved cars menu in the garage. It's weird.

Ok thanks. Finding some of the stuff in this game very confusing!

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If you ride a scooter with Trevor and start following someone else on a scooter, you can get some special dialogue about being scooter brothers.

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Not sure if it's been mentioned yet but you don't have to get all the objectives in one sitting to get 100%. I just replayed one of Trevor's missions and missed one kill (but I had fulfilled that objective on my first try) and I got gold. I confirmed this by replayed Franklin's first mission and deliberately scratched the car but got all the other objectives and still got gold. Unless this is a bug, this is a useful tool for anyone wanting to go back replaying missions.

#108 Posted by Chaser324 (7258 posts) -

@probablytuna: Thanks for the info! That should make getting all golds far less frustrating if/when I decide to try doing that.

#109 Posted by kezza86 (2 posts) -

Help finished the story now trying to find strangers ans freaks n cant any ideas I want 100 percent

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@kezza86: Log into to rockstars social club and check ur missions. It'll tell you exactly the ones you found and the ones you haven't and where they are

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I can't confirm whether or not this is true (I'll test it out tonight), but I've seen a few places online mention something about being able to basically send a character to a location while you play as another character. Supposedly if you set a waypoint as one character, then switch to another and spend enough time doing whatever, the first character will be at the waypoint when you switch back.

Again, this could just be a rumor, but if it's true, it'd be really handy for getting across the map.

*Edit: Unless I was just doing part of it wrong, this doesn't seem to work. I set a waypoint across town for Trevor, then switched to Franklin, dicked around for a bit (long enough for Trevor not to be in the exact same spot when I switched back), and Trevor ended up in some other random place. I tried again with Franklin, telling him to get his ass out to the desert, then switched to Michael to pass time by sleeping/saving. When I switched back to Franklin, he had just gone home, and was watching TV. So unless someone can confirm this, I'm considering this one busted.

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So, I've been making an attempt to collect 70 gold medals in the missions, but I'm finding it a little frustrating. Not least of all, because of all the loading that punctuates each mission, but that's besides the point.

I've read from a few sources that you don't need to complete all the objectives in one run, and can instead tackle each individually. It seems quite an important point, but it's usually alluded to quite vaguely. Is this true? Or do I have to get that 'perfect' run?

I've already got a good haul of medals, though I'm now looking at a few of the longer missions. It'd be extremely helpful if this was indeed the case.

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I was following a trick "Kill Your Opponents Quickly with a Head Shot" and that is very helpful to me.

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They just put out the Flight School update. Doing the missions at the flight school raised my pilot skill to max and earned me around $350000 in just a couple of hours. I also got enough RP to level from 95 to 96. Some stuff is double cash this weekend so you could make bank if it's one of the double cash missions.

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