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Help me update this!


You will play as three different characters:

  • Michael, a retired, well-off bank robber who gets sucked back into the game. Early 40s. Got money.
  • Trevor, a true criminal element, angry and unapologetic. Early 40s. Sounds broke.
  • Franklin, a young man looking to make it big. Early 20s. Sounds really broke.

How does it work?

  • You switch between the three via a radial menu.
  • It also sounds like some of the switching is more dynamic: cinematics in Max Payne 3 are referenced.
  • Certain plot missions are tied to certain characters.
  • At most points in the game you can jump between the three on the fly; they live in different zones, whether these zones are locked one from the other is unknown.
  • In some missions you play as all three, jumping between them at the press of a button. Example: be the driver, the guy shooting out the window, or the guy on the roof watching it all.
  • Basically it's unclear whether you play as all 3 when the game decides or if you could individually bring them to the same street for a shootout, for example. In missions it sounds like AI takes over for you as you switch. But how will that work outside of missions?
  • It's unknown how the three meet.
  • Each of the three "has a unique skillset," though it's unclear how that translates to gameplay.
  • Different characters will be used to leverage different tones/mission styles (ex: Trevor's are probably more violent).


  • You can swim. In fact you can scuba dive.
  • You can play tennis, play (a full game of) golf, go to clubs, etc.
  • Some hobbies may be unique to some characters (they're still working on it).
  • Base jumping.
  • No San Andreas style get fatter/thinner.
  • Buy clothes. Sounds like old GTAs.
  • No romance options.
  • Some friend options to replace said romance options.
  • No property management.
  • There will be a reason to spend lots of dough in the late game.
  • You can give people the finger (maybe some other gestures too?)
  • Driving is described as an arcade racing game, vs the heavy cars of GTAIV.
  • Standard statements about Melee/Shooting systems being the best yet.
  • There will be RDR style random events/quests.
  • You can grab gascans, pour the gas out dynamically, and light it. I think.
  • Heist missions will feature more prominently. Sounds like there could be some planning involved?
  • You can drop the top of some cars (not sure if that's been in the series before).
  • Again: skillsets. No clue what this means but it's reiterated a lot in the article: certain characters can do certain things, but what those are are unknown, though it's mentioned that Trevor has experience as a pilot, so maybe only he can fly planes?


  • (including exterior and interior spaces) Los Santos is bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTAIV combined.
  • Bikes (motorized and otherwise), jet skis, planes and ATVs feature.
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That all sounds really interesting up until you see that they are all white young-adult-to-middle-age males. I'm pretty annoyed with this.

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@project343: Franklin's black though. But I feel you. I was hoping for a brown brother myself. Like that's ever going to happen. :(

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@project343: Franklin's black though. But I feel you. I was hoping for a brown brother myself. Like that's ever going to happen. :(

Is he? Well in either case, that was territory that GTA has treaded in the past with San Andreas. GTA5 could have done some spectacular stuff with a female protagonist, an arab protagonist, a Native protagonist... I mean, there is so much spectacular social commentary potential here that the series is known for.

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Having Arabs in games other than as moving targets is still wishful thinking at this point, but yeah, totally. I think many of us expected a female protagonist and that's definitely the more surprising omission, especially now we know there are three characters.

A woman in GTA would be like the Samus reveal of our generation.

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@Sackmanjones: They characters really aren't all scumy. Sounds like Franklin falls in to this line of work due to his circumstances, while Michael is a guy who tried to be an "honest" criminal, and gets sucked back in. Trevor sounds like the scapegoat they can give all the rampage missions to.

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Thanks for posting this dude. I hope they just map The Finger to a specific button rather than some dynamic taunt mechanic. I've always wanted to give my controller a "Fuck You" button.

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There is already a post like this.


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@Hunter5024 Saints Row: The Third already did it.

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