Here's That Grand Theft Auto V Trailer All the Kids Are Talking About

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So, uh. Where's the trailer? I see this topic saying "Here is the amazing GTAV trailer!", but there's no trailer here. Am I missing something? Is this just a joke post because there is no trailer yet? I don't understand.

There's a trailer embedded above the article, must be an issue with your browser.

There's a link to the actual trailer page.

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Never been a GTA fan but the Game Informer article got me interested. It looks fun at least.

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@Purple_eye: this.

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They'll need to take a step forward from GTA IV, Max Payne and Red Dead in the characterization of secondary characters to get my money this time. I'm done with R*'s method of creating humor by playing stereotypes to the hilt.

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Sigh...the release date just can't arrive fast enough. This game will be the game that blows everything out of the water depending on if Rockstar nails it perfectly.

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I am hyped for this!

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somehow I get Californication vibes out of this, which absolutely sucks. But I'll probably be pleasantly surprised like always.

Cant wait!

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A Jack Nicholson-esque character? Well done Rockstar, well done.

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Saw the trailer and I'm pressed yet again.

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heres something funny.

Asked a kid I teach guitar if he saw the new GTA5 trailer, he replied "i didn't even know there was a GTA2 yet"

The new hardcore is Angry Birds and Kinect games.

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Wow, what a trailer! I'm very impressed and can't wait!

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