How much time have you spent online?

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#51 Posted by SomeJerk (3592 posts) -

PLAY TIME: Far from enough hours because the online part seriously needs help. GTA4 online indeed carried more get in and go fun. They used ex-APB developers for GTA5 online and you can tell, I can smell, and I don't like it. APB Reloaded when things are right and no hackers are messing things up and everything is fair is better than this and I don't really like it. Dig the free roam kill anyone play and map size of course.

#52 Posted by IAmNotBatman (688 posts) -

0.1 hourz

#53 Edited by Vanick (333 posts) -

I haven't played as much as I wanted. I keep getting side tracked playing other games. At this point with new consoles coming out I probably won't get back into it until heists come out.

#54 Posted by Bane (496 posts) -

I've played almost nothing else since it was released, but holy shit, that still surprised me a bit. It's starting to get pretty stale at this point. I'm not complaining, I definitely got my money's worth.

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