How will buying an apartment work in GTA Online?

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This is something that both stumps and excites me. I just cannot fathom how they will allow us to buy apartments without the possibility or running into duplication of users living in the same space.

Unless of course the only way you can access your place is in a private lobby with only your friends/crew members.

A way some others have suggested is for it to work in the same way that teleporting to the top of a building to base jump from worked in previous games with a marker on the ground. If 2 people own the same space then no problem as it teleports you to your own little space. However the CVG guys have said that another player could ring your doorbell and you can use your peephole or CCTV to see who it is before letting them in.

Also we can actually see into the world through our windows, this wouldn't work in the teleporting method.


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I have a feeling that Rockstar has thought of this problem and maybe implemented some kind of solution for it...

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You will probably just warp to an area from street level that will either have a diorama of the outside seen from the window or the apartment will actually exist in the city and you may be able to jump from the balcony down to street level.

I doubt this will be a hugely fleshed out option especially since people in games often want to do things and no one will walk around in a virtual apartment for long when they can be driving cars into planes on runways or something.

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@humanity: To the contrary. I believe that the apartments will/can be used as a space for planning heists.

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I can't wait to figure it out when I get my hands on it.

Do you guys think it comes out October 1st or is that the date they're shooting for? Rockstar is known for pushing things back.

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I think it will be instanced and you will teleport to an apartment area that you can invite your friends to.

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Maybe it'll be like Animal Crossing.

You have to open up your apartment and allow friends to enter and then they'll take away a whole bunch of functionality and activities that you'd probably want to do with friends....

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You'll have to put down 20% and make sure that you can actually hit your rent every month, lest you get foreclosed upon. Times are tough out there for a pimp.

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I think it will be instanced and you will teleport to an apartment area that you can invite your friends to.

But how would that work when say me and yourself both own the same place? We cannot both look out our windows into the outside world. And similarly, other players wouldn't be able to look through our windows and see both yourself and me in our separate apartments!

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I'm sure it'll be like Playstation Home,right?

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@solh0und said:

I'm sure it'll be like Playstation Home,right?

Excuse my ignorance but, how does that work?

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Thought about it as soon as I saw it but assume that it will all be instanced and you can look outside but choppers wont be able to look inside. In the trailer you see someone walking up to a home but the building doesnt have any open windows (although the apartment might be higher up). On the other hand at the start with the jet fighter you see a building (with tenniscourt on top) completely modeled that could house 16 apartments. Same for the garage and maybe private hangers, that when you pick a car you just spawn outside and every building wont have 16 garage doors.

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@spraynardtatum: There is a count down clock in game that is ticking to October 1st. When you bring up the wheel to switch between the 3 characters, there is a 4th, darkened, multiplayer spot. The countdown is there.

The setup is obvious to me:

  • release the game
  • count the number of users
  • give people time to play SP and praise how good your game is so more people buy it
  • double check the servers can handle the number of users
  • GTA Online
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@geraltitude: I know this might not happen but i think they might do a short beta of the online when the game comes out just to see if the servers can handle the load.

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@jimmyfenix: ahh yes! A very interesting point. Were there open betas for RDR and GTAIV though? I don't remember.

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@geraltitude: I dont think so but those online modes were shallow in comparison with GTA Online. I think they should do a beta just to be on the safe side. I dont want the servers going down when the online is activated :(

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@geraltitude: That sounds like how Simcity should have been released.

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@jimmyfenix: Fair enough, I liked them quite a lot though. I think Rockstar are too secretive to a big public beta. It just doesn't seem very Rockstary, though I think they should.

@spraynardtatum: yes - and it also should have been released as the game they are patching it into being and surveying people about turning it into...

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