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I hate that gunrunning with the plane from McKenzie Airfield sometimes generates an impossible bombing run for me. Bomb a train and boats in a little over 2 minutes, when the distance between the train and the boats is over 2 minutes. For shame!

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-Not being able to get out of your car and leave it running. Seems so simple to remedy which is why it annoys me so. Tap triangle/Y to get out and leave car running. Hold to completely turn off. Ta-da!

THIS! Oh God, this. Now is not the time to turn off the car and neatly close the door, YOU ARE UNDER FIRE MOTHERFUCKER!! It also prevents planning quick getaways. Ugh, GTA IV had this feature.

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Like most other GTAs, there isn't a whole lot to do after you've beaten the game. And the things that are there ar hard to do. As in, there is nothing in the game that tells you where to go to do the things that are there, like collecting UFO-pieces, those murder mystery notes and even the Kifflom missions are a bit weird. I wish there was something I could do in the game to give me a map of these things and others.

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@guiseppe said:

Like most other GTAs, there isn't a whole lot to do after you've beaten the game. And the things that are there ar hard to do. As in, there is nothing in the game that tells you where to go to do the things that are there, like collecting UFO-pieces, those murder mystery notes and even the Kifflom missions are a bit weird. I wish there was something I could do in the game to give me a map of these things and others.

Yeah - I never like collectathons, unless they're handled like in Batman Arkham Asylum. Show 'em all on the map, or give me ways to uncover 'em on the map. Some things, like collecting submarine debris has that, but most things don't. For shame.

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The aggressive law enforcement in some cases is a annoying. I got a attacked randomly by a group of four bikers and managed to kill them all. Why is it that im the one that got attacked and I still got 2 stars and didnt have a vehicle to get away in at the time. There was also a time when I was walking in a parking lot and a police officer decided I should die and he shot me before I even knew what was happening. I wasnt even doing anything illegal. I feel ripped off of $5000 everytime something like that happens and it grinds my gaming session to a halt.

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@senrat: Police attacking you with no provocation? Just like real life!

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@senrat: I modded a car, bought some clothes, walked by a security guard heading towards my car and suddenly had about 5 holes in me and a few bite wounds from his dog. About two minutes, 3 police cars, 6~ cops and 4 rockets later, I respawn at a hospital. All because I walked past someone.

Whenever I get an unprovoked wanted level when not in a vehicle, I slaughter as many people as I can and then blow myself up, along with at least one police car. They don't get the satisfaction of killing me.

And I hope they fix the whole garage car saving bug soon. I had a fully modded Adder and something else expensive in Michaels garage that decided to not be there anymore. Though with all the properties bought and being at the end of the game, money isn't much of an issue (saved the assassinations until the end, so I'm loaded), but it's still annoying.

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Yeah, it's really stupid how psychic the cops are. That or they're all Minority Report or some shit. There is no way that some fist fight in the middle of the desert should alert the authorities when the only witness is the guy I just knocked out. I like going on big rampages against the cops, but sometimes I just want to be a dick for like 5 seconds and sucker punch a dude. That doesn't mean I want to go on a 10 minute rampage. I like the new wanted system in terms of how you evade cops, but I don't like hiding for 30 seconds for every little crime I commit.

I think they're just compensating for the lack of actual cops in the world. Aside from the police station, hospital and the random car chase, I have never seen a police car driving around the streets and I have never seen a police officer just roaming the street. So since there aren't any patrols, they have to up their sensitivity to sensing crimes.

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I hate hate hate the helicopter flying. But the sound shotguns make with a silencer on them is great.

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  • Main characters are interesting
  • World map is great
  • Missions are for the most part fun and varied, as is the Strangers & Freaks cast
  • Driving feels pretty good
  • A whole bunch of content


  • Shooting is awful
  • Ending is horribly rushed
  • Navigating the Map UI is a chore
  • There are FAAAAAAAAAR too few heists. I counted 5, only 3 of which actually made use of both Approach Options and Crew Options.
  • Lack of character development despite the length of the game

As far as the really subjective stuff, it bugged me that there were ZERO female characters in the game with an active, powerful role in the story. For men we had Steve Haines, Dave, Michael, Lamarr, Stretch, Franklin, Trevor, Devin Weston, Solomon, Wei Cheng, Martin Madrazo and a host of side characters. For women we had, what, the side-mission cultist lady? Maybe Devin's assistant at a push, but she only exists as an extension of his character.

I also am tiring of the whole "if you steal a car the cops will come after you" mechanic. I get how crazy it is to complain about this in a game called Grand Theft Auto, but honestly the missions are so far apart that stealing cars is basically a necessity, and not once was it fun for me to play the dumb cat-and-mouse game with the cops afterwards.

I'd probably give the game 4 stars if I were a ratings duder. It's the first GTA game i've completed and that says a lot, but there are a good few things still holding me back from really loving the game.

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@lackingsaint: You're getting chased by the cops a lot when you steal cars? I've found that I've only been gotten a star when I've stolen a car right in front of a cop. Actually I think Out of all the gta games I've played the cops in this one seem to be the least active. It used to be that running a red in front of a cop would get you a star, now they don't seem to care if you side swipe a civilian car right in front of them. However they seem much more trigger happy, and far more likely to try and kill you than arrest you, actually I haven't been arrested once.

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Made a quicksave before the last mission of this questline. First wanted to check out what happens if I play it straight. Upon reload I noticed the questmarker had disappeared. Good god the neighbors must have been shocked at my sudden loud vocal outburst of anger, followed by thorough punching of a doorframe. I heard the bricks in the wall crumble under my wrath. Guess I should stop doing that.

That's not how savegames are supposed to work!

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I like mostly everything and my dislikes are mostly negligible details. There are two standouts though

1. The new wanted system is fantastic in how it works but it takes sooooooooooooooo fucking long for the heat to go away. Way to long. Like over a minute for 1 star? What the fuck is this shit.

2. Lamar. Fuck everything about Lamar. He's the worst character in that game and essentially the only reason for that terrible petty hood bullcrap of a subplot.

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  • Graphics
  • Map size


  • Graphics (Yep! Because going "too fast" brings some major frame rate and pop in issues.)
  • Map size (Yep! Because it's mostly a hassle if not a bore to get from one side of it to another).
  • Story mostly sucked, didn't make me care about the fate of any of the protagonists.
  • ...who were pathetic. Why would I want to play a loser in any video game, especially GTA?
  • ...and were scumbags. No reason to their rhyme, 'cept they just wanted money *yawn*
  • Vehicle damage (Where is it? Replaced by a hand-holding mechanism.)
  • You can flip your car back on its wheels with the analog stick. WTF?
  • No hydraulics... except on the roof of the car, I'm guessing...
  • Tennis instead of basketball. Nice.
  • Stock market instead of gambling. Heck, they don't even have a casino worth mentioning.
  • Sub-par soundtrack, when we KNOW they can do better.
  • No jetpack. Sky-diving but no jetpack. Aaaaalrighty...
  • No emergency vehicle missions (police, firefighter, ambulance). This one's just unforgivable.
  • Overly explicit voiceover if you use a hooker. Funny idea when it was new. They made it weird.
  • Torture mission. I HAVE to slowly pull teeth out of an innocent person's mouth to progress the story?

Odd choices, Rockstar... Something you need to tell us? Anyway...

  • Practically no reward for finding all the collectibles in the disproportionately huge map.
  • Why can't I walk ten feet in Los Santos without someone inexplicably antagonizing me?
  • Why is everyone addicted to obscenities? Trying too hard to be "bad", Rockstar? I think so...
  • Why can't I start or participate in a gang war/acquisition of territory?
  • Why can't I date anyone? Was this your way of admitting you don't know how to do it RIGHT?
  • Can't enter that many buildings, and models seem to repeat quite a bit.
  • Still the same horrible hand to hand and melee. Gunplay could use some work too.
  • Can't buy a safehouse... Really?
  • Dealings with the cops are too hard. They're psychic marksmen who take forever to shake.
  • Can't crouch.
  • Can't take a human shield, put people in your trunk and drive around with them, etc.
  • Can't shoot while jumping out of a vehicle or over objects.
  • Can't hijack a vehicle while leaping from your moving car to the other.
  • Can't buy a car, blow it up, and get another one from your garage.
  • Can’t save outfits, which would’ve made choosing what to wear a breeze.

(BTW the last five things are bars raised by Sleeping Dogs, in case you're wondering)

  • Skill progression system = trash.
  • Can't aim before shooting while driving a car.

So much for actually earning GOTY, eh?

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@vic2point0 said:

"You can flip your car back on its wheels with the analog stick. WTF?"

This mechanic was a godsend, I don't want to have to find a new car every time I flip the one I'm in.

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  • Solid song selection with the radio.
  • Heists are awesome.
  • Being able to flip your car with the analog stick (as silly as it may look it's super helpful).
  • Good variety in the environment. It's not like GTA IV where the differences from the different places are really minute. From the main city, the beach, the forest area, the trailer parks, a lot of places look very different from each other which is nice.
  • Modding guns is fun.
  • The game runs and looks great.
  • Shooting sequences in missions are a lot of fun.
  • Fucking checkpoints thank fucking god they added checkpoints.
  • Driving is good.
  • The back and forth dialogue, as always, is sharp and fun.
  • Lamar.


  • You are way too fragile.
  • Getting into it with the cops is probably the least fun it's ever been in a GTA game, mostly because of the aforementioned fragility. You die too easily for it to be any fun. And it takes too long to lose your wanted level.
  • Not getting any money for completing missions is a poor design decision in my mind. The stock market was cool addition, but I feel like it's mandatory if you want to make any money between heists.
  • There aren't enough heists.
  • The FIB storyline is entirely too long and not at all interesting.
  • The garage system is bad. I would have preferred it to be ripped from Saints Row. You mod a car, it gets added to that character's list of cars and they can get that car from any garage, no matter where they last left it, in pristine condition.
  • A lot of the writing is just... off. The torture sequence is just bad. Most of the satire falls flat on its face. Character development is lacking. I definitely picked up on some of the racism/sexism/transphobia.
  • I haven't had any desire to play this game for a couple weeks, which could be me, or it could be a fault of the game.
  • Flying planes is way too goddamn hard, even with Trevor.
  • Buying clothes by manually walking up to them in a store seems like a dumb/pretentious Rockstar decisions. There couldn't be a menu to sort through this stuff?
  • Those random missions that pop up are a pain. I want to do them, but I'm not always in the mood for a mission. It would be nice if they stuck around instead of being gone if you go past them.
  • There needs to be some feedback when I'm leveling up my stats. I get told when I take it to the next bracket (i.e. 80 to 100), but I want to know when and how much I am leveling up by doing things.
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Just finished the game and the main thing that really annoys me is the whole crew thing for heists, they make a big deal early on about how important it is to choose your people and then you do like 4 missions in the whole game where you can actually choose them. And then there's really no purpose to the level up thing your crew members have because you just get a choice of dudes who are already nearly maxed out. But those guys have a much higher cut of the score, which again really doesn't matter because you get more money in that game than you can spend, after like the second heist I just upgraded everyones weapons/cars/etc. and still had half a million on each character. I guess you could buy properties, but I don't really see the point in that since it just generates money and again you have too much already.

I also think that the character stats, like shooting/etc. were pretty dumb, I literally noticed zero difference between the characters except for flying.

I also hate how easy it is for the cops to get on your ass, you like shoot a gun once and they're on you and then its incredibly painful to get them off of you. Its especially painful when you have to steal like the garbage truck or any other big slow vehicle that can't outrun them. I ended up just driving out of town to a spot I found to drive up a mountain and then just murdering all the cops and waiting on top of the mountain, because for some reason no new ones showed up there. I don't know if they were going for realism or more challenge or something with the police, but it just wasn't fun.

What I did really like though were the heist missions and the main storyline. I kinda wish they had gotten the guys together and spend way less time on the subplots like the whole movie thing/etc. and just have them do a lot more heists. Like maybe they could have been like the big score is gonna be crazy, so we gotta get all this money to fund it and train these guys up doing smaller heists so we are ready for it or something. I think the dialogue and voice acting is really fantastic. Overall I really liked the game, except for that stuff I mentioned.

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