Looking for GTAV online friends - xbox360

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I am looking for people that want to play GTAV online in group chats. I am enjoying the online but I get bored when nobody is chatting and/or having a good time. I am already on the BOMB crew and I would like to enjoy this game with other people, having fun raising my RP and just exploring and having fun with the game. I'm 34 years old and easy going so if you want send me a friend invite. Gamertag Xdups

#2 Posted by TheBluthCompany (424 posts) -

Sure! I don't play that much for many of the same reasons. GamerTag is TheBluthCompany

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Hey ma! I made a friend today! :)

I'll add you.

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Just gonna bump this up since it has been working so far. Meet up with a few fun ppl

#5 Posted by lawman (1 posts) -

I'm new to the gta v online scene only level 21 if u wanna add me its duskskydiver

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