Map of Los Santos

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I've seen this blueprint style map being touted in a couple of places as the real map of the game area in GTA V. Apparently it's been pieced together from the collectors edition marketing images that had little snippets of the map in them, though it's not clear if it's 100% accurate; there may be some creative fill-in-the-blanks going on here.

Looks like the majority of the action will take place on a single landmass (Aside from that tiny island on the left), which I think is a series first. It also looks considerably bigger than the GTAIV environment, but that's not necessarily a good thing since a lot of it looks to be country side which could easily end up being large areas of nothing to do. Personally, I think I prefer the smaller but denser approach to open world things.

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This is exactly like San Andreas and those large open areas of country side were not areas of nothing do to at all.

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Doesn't look like all those games combined (GTA 4 Red Dead and something) then again the whole city part is probably the size of GTA 4.

I was hoping for Las Venturas to make a return. Sad to see it isn't =(

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Map size used to mean a lot to me when I was younger, but now it's the motion in the ocean that I'm more interested in these days. And I doubt I'll be let down.

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Looks like San Andreas; which was fucking awesome so that's a good thing.

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No way this is actually the whole map

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The Los Santos area in the south is from the collectors edition ads, everything else is stuff that people have tried to piece together from screenshots.

Previews mentioned seeing animals out in the wilderness, I really hope there are some bears out there too. My friends and I spent a stupid amount of time fighting bears with knives in RDR.

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Hope its true

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Looks like there is going to be a lot of empty wilderness area. Hopefully it isn't just empty space.

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@subjugation: The country side was where alot of Missions took place. Alot of hillbilly missions. Open space does not mean anything bad, it means they are incorporating Los Santos again which had multiple cities and smaller towns on outskirts.

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It looks like a side profile head, that's all I can see.

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@49th: Oh damn now that's all I can see.

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@somedelicook: I'll bet you that we'll be seeing both Las Venturas and San Fierro in DLC expansions at some point.

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I'm holding out for a yeti.

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Who else would love to see other city areas like San Fierro and Las Venturas instead of the woods and mountains? Those scenic areas look great, but they are never interesting to venture into. They are just this mass of land that you have to trudge through when a mission dictates that you must. I rather have hotels where you can go into the casino and fuck some shit up.

Although if they hide BigFoot in the forest... that would be cool.

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I hope this game has crazy rumors and myths like SA did.

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Not a chance. Creating a sizeable extra island would take far too long and too much man power to be worthwhile, especially if they aren't releasing on next gen consoles.

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I just posted it on my topic. So I'm not sure about this map. It's could be official or fake. I want to know about official.

Need Official Map for GTA V

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@pr1mus: You are correct, BUT there is a lot more to do in GTA V so maybe those areas won't be half as bad

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