Next stop Boston 60ies era?

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green in V and font in V used on bills in the sixites?

Liberty City's Northeast rival. Maps found in GTA IV at both Bahama Mamas (EFLC) and also inside the Platypus - the ship Niko arrives on - show the area of Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is not too far from Boston and could end up being a neighboring city to Boston in the next Grand Theft Auto game. IV was a condensed version of New York City so GTA5 could condense an entire area in a similar fashion as San Andreas.

Cradle of US history with many possibiltities for postmodern approach especially considering current state of US

Boston in US 60-ies:kennedyclan

irish mob wars

Changes in city infrastructure including expansion of airport

Civil rights movement

Militant groups


Assassination of a president

Boston Strangler

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Nice find with the sixties five dollar bill. I think you could really be onto something here, and a lot of those tropes seem like things that would be really interesting for the series to explore/parody. Hopefully this time next week, we'll know for sure.

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See, I read that the "silver certificate" with the "V" like that was used around the 1870's. It remained legal tender until the 1960's, but that specific note was one of the earliest ones printed and was replaced with a different design (with a number 5 instead of a Roman numeral) long before the 60's. And they're not going to do a GTA set in the 19th century.

I would love a 60's GTA though. Can you imagine how awesome the radio stations would be? But I don't think it's going to be. And the design on the logo definitely isn't going to give enough clues. Everything is speculation and rumour.

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I would love this. Thanks!

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With all the happenings I think you're onto something.
I just wonder what they spent a lot of money on scouting out and photosourcing in the last N years.

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As long as it has flying cars as a cheat, it will be bought (by me, at least).

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Nice work, its nice to read an actual theory with evidence and thought behind it rather than the usual "I THINK IT SHOULD BE LONDON BECAUSE LONDON IS KEWL LOLZ" posts that usually happen when they announce a new GTA.

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Really though, cool find. Maybe you got something, otherwise we'll find out in a few days, that is unless it's a thirty second trailer that just shows a bunch of text, some lady singing, and the title.

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From what (little) that's been leaked regarding the game's production, I'm expecting it to take place in the modern era like GTAIV.

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Hm, I'm into it. Though if it's modern day, I'm into that too. I trust 'em.

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Won't stop it from being really badly written.

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I hope not.

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Someone here said something about the date of the trailer was 1102 and that a safehouse in Vice City was called 1102 Washington Street. 
That coupled with the fact that the Five looks like that of a five dollar bill, and that Abe Lincoln is on that same five dollar bill.  
Lincoln Memorial in Washington + 1102 Washington Street = Me thinking it will take place in Washington. 
Or maybe I'm wrong and it takes place in Boston. We may never know...

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I assumed the "Liberty City, It's Over" was a parody of "New York, I Love You".

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I think I would prefer a 70's-era Boston myself.

But seriously, I'm fine with just about any area. I think the idea of a 60s era Boston is a pretty good one.

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Boston would be nice. I just want the game to be set in either a location they havent used before or Vice City.

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How about modern Boston?

Grand Theft Auto V: The Departed

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Well there goes my Irish mob theory...

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I read somewhere a pretty insteresting theory about V being set in 1972 London, in the end credits of The Ballad of Gay Tony you see a plane with the letters LJK 24051972 taking off so that guy presumes that V could be a sequel to GTA London 1969 , I don´t know his reason and what the letters actually mean but that could be kinda interesting, but I for one would like the game to be set in modern times I like big cities with massive skyscappers I don´t know if I can go back to a small city after how amazing Liberty City looked in IV.

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