Official Snapmatic Thread (Show us your in game Pictures!)

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Ok I didn't know there was an actual dunce cap. That is fucking amazing.

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Well if we're swapping car pictures, this is my latest joy in Online.

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So me and Humanity had alot of fun today.

Ended up Doing BMX tricks outside my apartment.

Then I invited PlatinumKiz to join us. But she didn't have a bike, but made the most of it!\

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Climbed up for a mission but got distracted by the view.

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So me and Humanity had alot of fun today.

Ended up Doing BMX tricks outside my apartment.

Then I invited PlatinumKiz to join us. But she didn't have a bike, but made the most of it!\

You got some sweet backflips going

Too bad all that tom foolery has brought me down to pretty much zero money. Also when we were doing races earlier on I dunno why but I simply couldn't find anyone to matchmake. Then again, when I logged in today all my experience and stuff didn't save from the last time I played so.. yah.. it's still only half on fire.

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Found this on Rockstar newswire.....pretty badass!

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@n7 having a quick dip after we set ourselves on fire to see if the pool would extinguish the flames.

Also, they don't all float as it turns out.

Me soaring above the clouds. Came to an abrupt end when my damn plane ran out of fuel, but it made for a fun trip back down to ground level.

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First-person view of @skyrider 's head.
He tried to audition for the Wicked Witch of the East. I say it's perfect.
@demoskinos and I, we twinsies!
Assassinatin' some fools.

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@coafi: I was really hoping you got that picture as I was saluting. Although that's hilarious enough on its own.

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@coafi: I was really hoping you got that picture as I was saluting. Although that's hilarious enough on its own.

I tried but I didn't time it right. :(

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I found some guy AFK standing on top of a random car outside a gunstore. clearly this was the right course of action. Gas cans are fun.

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I'm like Asura.
The best party ever!
This poor lady fell over and then an ambulance drove by and ignored her... I didn't do it... honest.

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Me and some duder from the GBPS group
View from duders apartment
Franklin + greenscreen = do what you will
An explosion this big only gets you 1 star
Trevor waking up surrounded by dead bodies and only in his pants. Seems legit.
Waking up at the top of a mountain in a dress. Also legit.

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More shenanigans last night with @coafi and another duder with an awesome name (I think it was chickendohnut). If memory serves, we briefly ran with one more duder, whose name escapes me.

Tried to catch Coafi's landing. I almost succeeded.
@coafi being a good, helpful citizen of Los Santos.
Not a fan of pants while driving, apparently.
Nor while flying.
I wonder if that mechanic feels unappreciated?
Methinks the GB logo is pretty much perfect given what out crew typically gets up to.

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After a certain mission involving Merryweather I played with Michael for a few minutes and then switched back to Trevor to find he had somehow driven a submarine on land. Only Trevor.

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@sarumarine: Out of all the Bugs/Glitches in GTA V i am lad Rockstar did not patch this bug out!

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I tried to land the Titan to pick up a fellow duder and failed.
One last goodbye before the truck goes BOOM. Check out the sticky above the "O".
After a really long chase, here's how my van ended up. It still runs.

@skyrider I look so dumb without pants. How the heck does one take pictures of the inside view of the Heli? Mine just always catch the view from outside, not the inside view.

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@coafi: I think it's the combination of no pants and those boots. XD

That's the inside of the Titan. I've yet to find a heli that let's you take pictures from within the cockpit. The Titan is especially cool because you can also take photos from within the cargo space when you're a passenger seated there.

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My latest and final car purchase. I got my Z-Type, and thusly have completed my 10-car Noah-style collection. One of each type of land vehicle. Sucks - you can't own multiple real estate, which limits players to owning 10 cars max. It's only got a Turbo and Bullet Proof Tires for now (as well as visual customizations), and it'll take approximately 200k more to fix it up all the way.

And this is how Noah's garage looks like. Everything but the Z-Type is fully upgraded. I guess I'll sell that Ruiner in the front and replace it with a Gauntlet. Its lack of traction makes it a little less competitive than I'd like, and it's cost me a handful of wins already.
Yo - the Custom Akuma is a thing of beauty. Earned me many wins. I've yet to use that chrome SUV. Nobody seems to want to race those. Will eventually change that thing to a Neon Green look, kinda hate the Chrome on it. I carelessly decided Chrome is going to look baller on a Gallivanter Baller.
All of this paid for, by and large, a whole lot of racing. I got so many wins because I know how to drive, and usually setup the races as host, so it's catchup off, custom vehicles off. Every now and then, I leverage my custom vehicles to get out of an endless loop of the ever same race, or out of spite for reckless drivers - but mostly it's been fair and square wins. Being a GTA races winner pays so much money! Next to Criterion-style racing games, GTA offers my favorite type of virtual racing.

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bastard flipping me off

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I have finally acquired my precious Bacon Pasta car. That's the Carbonizzare, mind you. I call it the Bacon Pasta car because the name reminds me of pasta carbonara. I have hardly any money left after this purchase, but at least I have an outfit to match it. While not a major purchase compared to a lot of the super cars, it's definitely a major purchase for one who is as awful with money as I am, and it's the only "high-end" car that I actually wanted.

Robo-roof time shall be enjoyed thoroughly by myself, and hopefully any fellow duders who ride with me. Matching outfit shall be optional.

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The lady pissed me off!!!
Fun fact physics kicked in and i fell to my death.

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Some random shenanigans with @crash_happy (who has a totally rad garage, I might add) and @coafi last night. I got my Sanchez stuck in a tennis court, which I saw coming but somehow did not manage to avoid. My amazing flying skills got myself and @coafi killed as usual. We also stole some poor guy's car while he was robbing a store, and then @crash_happy came to our rescue when the guy decided we had wronged him XD. No action shots, but it was nice to have some good ol' selfie parties! Hopefully some more duders will hop online later this week when the stimulus package drops, as right now it seems as though only the people in and around the top 20 in the crew rankings play much these days.

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@skyrider: Yeah it seems only 20-30 people on the crew play nowadays i hope the money brings people back.

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@jimmyfenix: Rockstar are saying they are going to increase crew limit but since everything is taking ages with them I'd still say it's worth having a small cull and (assuming they want) getting in the active GLHB crew.

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"How not to land."
I successfully entered a LSC on foot, my truck couldn't join me.
We found some naked dudes, watch out they'll shoot you if you stare at their privates.
Somehow I landed a heli on a train and then this car. Yes, you could still drive it looking like that.

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That thumb is freaking me the hell out.
No idea what that guy did, but thankfully he did it here so I could take this gorgeous shot.
Speaking of beautiful shots...

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Shortly after surviving Coafi's landing attempt on Maze tower (granted, it was a plane). The flaming plane nearly squished me when it fell to the ledge on which I face-planted.

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First time trying to customize a car. Turned out pretty well, even though I lost the car in no time.

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Just a noble fireman.

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Loading Video...

Figured I'd throw this here since I haven't seen a Rockstar Editor thread yet. Just messing around with the PC tools on Day 1.

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I guess we're back at it again? Cool beans.

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'Aint no party like a GTA party!

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@bollard: I like to think it's Jeff if he chose the thug life.

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Here's my version of Jeff going to rehab

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Quite pleased that I finally found out you can use the bandanna mask without the default hat and glasses that come with it. If this is a legit bug that they`ll patch, I shall no longer be pleased. I'm rocking the military sweater because you can't wear gloves with a vest and non-white shirt. Yup, if you switch the shirt under the vest, gloves can no longer be worn. A darn shame, y'all.

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From the Replay Editor

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