On which platform are you getting GTA V?

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Posted by Claude (16254 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: On which platform are you getting GTA V? (593 votes)

Xbox 360 30%
PS3 42%
Will wait for other... 24%
No interest in buying the game... 4%

I was just curious on which platform everyone was getting GTA V. A friend at work has convinced me to preorder it on my recently purchased PS3. I have a 360 too, but I hope it turns out well on both machines.

#51 Posted by the1stofhisname (6 posts) -

Seeing as my 360 was traded in to get my PS3, it'll be Playstation for me. I think it's just a matter of time before it is ported to the next gen consoles, so depending on the multiplayer, I may end up buying it more than once.

#52 Edited by TooWalrus (13256 posts) -

If I actually buy it at launch I'll be playing on PS3, because I prefer the controller. Though if the PC version comes around and I haven't played it yet, I'll play there.

#53 Posted by Capum15 (4992 posts) -

I would love to say PC, but I'm not sure if I can hold out for it.

If I do get it for 360, I'll probably end up buying the PC version anyway because I'm a bad person.

#54 Posted by Pr1mus (3946 posts) -

PS3 unless they announce a PC version coming before the end of the year. If not i'm not waiting longer than that and will get it for PS3 on day one.

#55 Posted by Marcsman (3286 posts) -

PS4 maybe?

#56 Posted by djou (878 posts) -

Preordered a PS3 version but I would cancel it in a heartbeat if I was confident that it would release on PC or PS3 anytime soon.

#57 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2609 posts) -

I'm getting it on both 360 and PS3 because I have friends on both systems.

Also for people holding out for a Xbox One/PS4 release, Rockstar has made it pretty clear they have no plans for a next gen release.

#58 Posted by billyhoush (1194 posts) -

Preordered for PS3. Dualshock all the way and I believe it is the lead system it is being developed on this time around.

#59 Posted by mano521 (1232 posts) -
#60 Posted by ChrisTaran (1676 posts) -

I'm waiting to see if it gets ported to PS4 or PC. Do not plan on buying at launch.

#61 Edited by BigJeffrey (5176 posts) -

360 cause that will be the better version when it comes to Online dumb shit.

#62 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11390 posts) -


#63 Posted by Village_Guy (2662 posts) -

I'm kinda hoping for a next gen release, but maybe the 360.

#64 Edited by Mister_V (1434 posts) -

360 because if i get into the multiplayer that's where my friends are.

Curious why so many people are picking PS3? was GTA 4 better on there? i only played it on 360.

#65 Edited by Ninja_Welshman (498 posts) -

PS3 but if they are going to do a PS4 version I hope they tell us so I can cancel the preorder on Amazon and get that one.

This. Doubt we'll hear anything before the launch though. Which is a shame because give the choice i'd totally wait .

#66 Edited by Dayve86 (54 posts) -

I'll wait until it comes out to decide. Unless either version is superior for any reasons I care about, I'll probably get it for 360.

#67 Posted by Aetheldod (3723 posts) -

If I get it , it will be on PS3

#68 Posted by FriendlyPhoenix (467 posts) -

PS3. I'd wait for the (hopefully) inevitable PC port, but this isn't a game I'm willing to wait for. And the gameplay video they put out was PS3 footage and it look smooth as hell.

#69 Edited by Demoskinos (15136 posts) -

If and when I get it its going to be for PS3. Have fun with your multiple discs on 360! =p

#70 Posted by BigJeffrey (5176 posts) -

If and when I get it its going to be for PS3. Have fun with your multiple discs on 360! =p

Install once, play off 1 disk. Have fun updating your game. CONSOLE WARZZZ

#71 Posted by HoM3R (208 posts) -

Getting it Xbox night of launch for single and hopefully few months later for pc maybe one more single and def multi.
Talk about others R games on this engine having problems on PS3 made me feel better because really thought that PS3 was the better platform but all this seems to be based on R showing PS3 version and a GTA PS3 bundle. Can say after some research that Rockstar never said anything about pref platform and demoing on PS3, just that both will be identical same as RDR I think. Also think Rockstar always answered next gen the same as pc "not thinking about it" except for the pc dev post. Actually think next gen has a good chance of releasing with pc version because of the next gen architecture and thats why the pc and next gen will release a year from now and not 6 months.

#72 Posted by Korwin (3024 posts) -

PC unless I buckle, then it will be whatever machine runs it the cleanest.

#73 Edited by Doskias (317 posts) -

Getting it on PS3 because I wanna check out the online stuff, but my Xbox Live Gold lapsed and I don't plan on re-upping any time soon.

This will be the second time this generation I bought a multiplatform game on a console other than the 360. The first was Black Ops 2, on WiiU, because I'm insane.

#74 Edited by ConfusedOwl (965 posts) -

360 because I don't have a PS3. This will likely be the last game that I play on the thing before I put it on the shelf and forget about it.

#75 Posted by jsnyder82 (763 posts) -

I bought the PS3 500gb bundle, because I'm pretty sure my PS3 is on it's way out.

#76 Posted by thebunnyhunter (1481 posts) -

Gonna get it on PS3, was thinking about getting it on disk but hearing about the load disparity between the digital-disk version of The Last of Us im gonna go with the digital copy....probably gonna be a pretty big install again

#77 Posted by DystopiaX (5360 posts) -

PS3 cause it's what I got with me, it's the "lead" (or at least the platform it's been shown on), I don't have Gold anymore.

#78 Posted by dcgc (878 posts) -

On Xbox 360 because that's what I have at home. I don't have to swap discs so that's good.

#79 Posted by BeachThunder (12407 posts) -

4% represent!

#80 Posted by RonGalaxy (3266 posts) -

Definitely PS3. I dont know what people are talking about, but the ps3 version of gta4 was comparable to the 360 version. Only red dead redemption had a real difference between the 2 (and that was R* san diego, not North).

Back in 2008, comparison videos ranged from wildly inaccurate (due to not compensating for the different lighting on the consoles. No setting changes like lighting or contrast, and using component on 1 and hdmi on another) to down right lies. And the ps3 has something weird with it that makes capturing hdmi video difficult (something to do with blu ray drm or something). Ask jeff, the guys use component to capture ps3 because of this, which is very inferior to hdmi. and the framerate really wasnt that bad. solid 30 for me, at least.

#81 Posted by Nekroskop (2786 posts) -

PS3. 360 if it's actually better(return policy)

#82 Posted by Kr7stof (74 posts) -

I'm going to wait for the pc release.

This time it can't take that long for them to release it on pc... can it?

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#84 Posted by Baillie (4281 posts) -

Xbox 360 because the since release, I've barely turned on my PS3.

#85 Edited by MonkeyKing1969 (3024 posts) -

I'll buy just a plain old GTA V on PS3. But, if the game is good and if you can buy a GOTY version of the game on PS4 I will do that when possible.

#86 Posted by fetchfox (1360 posts) -

I would love to get it for PC, but that won't happen for some time. So maybe ps3 for the time being.

#87 Posted by GorillaMoPena (2334 posts) -

Xbox 360 because Microsoft is giving me 1600 points to do that.

#88 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7184 posts) -

PS3, because it's what I buy all console exclusive multiplatform games on. My 360 is currently just used for exclusives.

#89 Posted by Ben_H (3429 posts) -

Xbox because that is all I have. I'll get it for PC when it is on sale sometime.

#90 Edited by Nilazz (639 posts) -

The playstation triple yo!

#91 Posted by LiquidPrince (16169 posts) -

@humanity: I could say the same about the 360 except that almost every game I got the console for eventually released on the PS3.

#92 Edited by Baillie (4281 posts) -

@gorillamopena said:

Xbox 360 because Microsoft is giving me 1600 points to do that.


#93 Posted by 34f3ecwdc3 (162 posts) -

Whenever it will be released, on PC. Can't wait to force my processor and video card.

#94 Posted by Humanity (10061 posts) -

@humanity: I could say the same about the 360 except that almost every game I got the console for eventually released on the PS3.

Yes but there are noticeable differences between Skyrim on 360 and Skyrim on PS3. Bayonetta on 360 and Bayonetta on PS3 and since this is a thread about GTA5 - pretty big differences between GTA4 on 360 and PS3. But I don't want to start an argument, although I might have already done that with those somewhat incendiary remarks - if you prefer the PS3 all the power to you brother. I will be purchasing a PS4 myself come November! (mainly because they aren't selling the XBO in my region but still..)

#95 Posted by GorillaMoPena (2334 posts) -
#96 Posted by 49th (2844 posts) -

I'm probably going to wait for PC, as painful as that will be.

#97 Posted by LiquidPrince (16169 posts) -

@humanity: I have no interest in starting a console fight. I was just remarking that the same situation could hold true the other way around. There are also a ton of situations where the PS3 versions of the games were better.

#98 Posted by SexyToad (2722 posts) -

Probably PC, it is planned for that, right? Mostly for mod support.

#99 Edited by Kr7stof (74 posts) -

Its definitly comming to pc. And sooner than GTA IV

That's wy pcgamer and all other pc focusts sites gives this game attention.

Thats my logic:)

#100 Posted by FesteringNeon (2166 posts) -


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