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Okay, so I admit, I had my trepidations about coming into this game but I've played GTA since Three and they've been interesting, seemingly witty, and architecturally impressive. However, with GTAV I am at a point where I just cannot seem to advance. I find no excitement nor interest in the plot nor characters, which I feel are rather dull and boring; I find the controls lacking and watered down:driving, shooting, generally exploring, they are all rather lackluster; and all around, I find the setting to be exceedingly plastic. And yes, I can understand a certain irony in that last statement in regards to the game's location; however, I do not believe boredom is the desired outcome for such a vista.

The missions are doled out in a rather trite manner and there is so little focus on one, main, individual that most of the game appears to be a jumbled mess. Maybe I'm just not getting far enough along within the plot and am being swayed into doing too many extracurricular side missions, but I cannot seem to move myself into pursuing the storyline.

What am I missing from this game? Am I not playing it right? I find that rather egregious, considering it's a rather simplistically controlled game, but still, maybe I am not playing it, "right." Can someone try to sway me back into playing this, in my opinion, driveling game? Or am I stuck in the limbo of boredom and loss over what should have been a great experience for me?

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It just sounds like this game is not for you. You've tried it, didn't like it, so why bother continue playing it?

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The plot goes nowhere and has one of the worst " endings " I've ever fucking seen so you're safe in not continuing with it. Complete waste of something that could have been awesome. I thought the gameplay was great, though.

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@steadyingmeat: I really liked the conclusion of Michael and his family.

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@iron1c: You're probably right. But I bought this game, I would've at least liked to have finished it. You know what I mean? But if it must be so... I'll make it so. Or, continue to make it so.

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@anxioustube: Power through the plot. The side stuff can and will dilute the experience, so just set it aside. If you're still interested in the setting after the main game is done, those things will still be there. But if that stuff is sapping your will to finish it, its not worth it.

Not that the ending is what you're building towards, but there are interesting mainline missions peppered throughout the story. It's worth seeing all of those.

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@anxioustube: Maybe taking some time off from playing it and come back to it at a later date will do the trick. Perhaps the game might just not be for you or at times perhaps you were maybe enjoying a particular genre of game and not getting the same experience from GTA V. Either way, stepping away from the game and then coming back when you may have the urge to go through it might help.

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@darji: I actually thought Micheal's missions and storyline were by far the best thing about V in the narrative (and gameplay) department.

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@darji: I actually thought Micheal's missions and storyline were by far the best thing about V in the narrative (and gameplay) department.

Yeah me too. I really liked all his stuff. and his family was really awesome as well^^

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it sounds like the OP is describing exactly why i didnt want to buy or play the game. it just looked boring. same ole' stuff. been there done that.

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@steadyingmeat said:

@darji: I actually thought Micheal's missions and storyline were by far the best thing about V in the narrative (and gameplay) department.

Yeah me too. I really liked all his stuff. and his family was really awesome as well^^

I don't know. I find them dull. The character doesn't really seem interested in what he has to do, so why would I?

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It is one of the weaker GTAs for sure. It does nothing new or interesting. None of the side content is rewarding. For example, collecting all the submarine parts earns you $10. There are some cool missions but you can stop when Trevor goes to the midwest. Burnout Paradise had better open world multiplayer six years ago.

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@anxioustube: you just don't like it, move on. I hated GTA4 and forced myself to finish it - there was only anger and a feeling of wasted time at the end of that rainbow.

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Don't know what to tell you I think its not only one of the best games of last year but of the generation.

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Very confused by your confusion, sounds like the game just isn't for you.

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I felt the same way with GTAIV. Sounds like it's not for you.

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I'd say just stop playing the game and move on to something better. I honestly thougt GTA V was really boring. And the ending was really unsatisfying.

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I really struggled to find my own fun with GTA IV and V, which maybe says more about what I want out of a big open-world sandbox game than anything negative about those games. I've come to really love and admire the Saints Row games as well as Just Cause 2 for their balls-out embrace of everything and anything insane, and now I kind of crave it along with the sheer amount of stuff to do in those games. Sure, jumping into a plane in GTA V and skydiving is a lot of fun (and purdy), and God knows I got a few hours of kicks out of leading cops up to the mountains and watching their cars tumble end over end, but GTA V's yoga and darts just didn't do it for me as much as, say, riding a fiery four-wheeler with a buddy while he's firing off molotov cocktails from the back.

Well, shit, now I'm good and ready for Just Cause 3 or the next Saints Row. Just, uh, not too soon.

@anxioustube, I also edited your thread title. Try to be a little less generic with future threads. Thanks.

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Yeah the game ain't for you. I felt the plot was very pulp fiction like and really didn't have no story just a bunch of moments mashed together.

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@anxioustube: Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I hadn't played any games in the series since Vice City and ultimately didn't play much more after reaching the point where I could switch between all three characters. The satire is terrible, the missions are either dull or succumb to the same frustrations as older GTA games, I'm not a fan of the way it controls, and on and on. (And the game's satire is really just horrendous. The radio banter has no charm, the digs at American society and culture are a dead horse, the game world is still loaded with signage and business names loaded with double entendres that aren't clever, it's all presented with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the skull.

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I'd say stop, at least you tried enough to know it's not for you. It's an odd thing with GTA games considering not everyone beats them, and the new games are easier to finish then GTA3, but then there's horrible gating sections and long seconds of hand holding missions with dozens of check points. So even if your here for the narative, then maybe it might be worth it, but I wouldn't even go further then an hour and find it unrewarding. There are better games to play instead.

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