Q: Car Theft lists?

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Been playing for awhile now, and I've noticed the glaring lack of side missions like Vigilante, Firefighter, Ambulance, etc. That grinds my gears a little, but I at least expected a chop shop-style "want list" of cars you must steal. This game is called "Grand Theft Auto" after all. Stealing cars is kind of the framework around which the series is built.

So: is there a quest line where you steal a list of cars? And if so, where is it? (Talking about single player here, not Online.)

Followup: if there is no such quest line, then what the hell?

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The closest you can get to a Car Theft List in GTAV is an obscure side quest Michael can do by filling out an online form (on his phone I mean). There's a lot of nonsense involved before you get to that point, and the cars you steal are like four or five all together. But yeah, I was also really bummed there's no serious import/export garage list like in previous games. I suppose it's one of the casualties of Rockstar trying to find a balance between a super serious GTA and a dumb fun GTA.

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I'm playing through the game now, slowly I know, and I'm involved in a whole section of the story where I have to steal high value cars. So yeah, Its in there, but not a whole lot of it for me so far. Also, you have to steal cars sometimes for heists.

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@eodtech: Several times the story appears to set up gameplay but then not follow through. Car lists are one example where there you appear to be setting up a repeatable side mission but then don't get the follow through. You do one list and that's it. Unless I somehow missed it all.

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