Rockstar Tosses Out a Few More Grand Theft Auto V Details

#101 Posted by Kohones (3 posts) -

Ouuu :D Can't wait.

#102 Posted by Neurological_Murderer (5 posts) -

This game is gonna be epic, i loved GTA 4 took me well over a year to complete it, because I kept getting distracted

#103 Posted by Reznov (48 posts) -

if this game has a story or characters that remind me of gta4 i will never buy another rockstar game. fuck it ill get Skyrim

#104 Posted by Jack_Frost (55 posts) -

Considering that their biggest request is for more content for Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire was a relative failure and no one gives a shit about Max Payne 3 (if you care about Max Payne 3, then I'm sorry that you care about Max Payne 3), R* needs something to keep people chomping at their bit.

Even if it means releasing a trailer with no details - not even a "coming soon".

I think this is gonna be a looooong wait.

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