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#51 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

@techn: Instead of clicking on the X or A button just hold it.

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#53 Posted by Techn (3 posts) -

hah! I didnt know you could do that *face palm*

I was clicking X to begin with.

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@mosespippy: it's got a solid increase thus far, but the share price just hiccuped twice today to the tune of about 3%, in the "real world" this would warrant a very close eye. I'm still green-lighting gawk and little, but keep an eye on it.

Tough to make solid calls though. My investing brain keeps trying to wrap my head around why a "gun manufacturer" sees 1000% growth, in the same market that the only "gun and ammo retailer has seen a 70% drop in share price

#55 Posted by AlisterCat (6206 posts) -

Ammunation has tanked so hard. From over $700 down to about $350 over 4 days. I'm glad I got out when I did, though I still waited too long. Pisswasser has had incredible growth, up from about $6 to $13 though I did sell and rebuy at various points over the weekend due to other investments.

I wish they were more transparent with how growth works, because real world rules clearly don't apply. People's ideas about blowing up competitors has been debunked to a degree.

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For sure, I got out at about 480 a share.bought in at 700 and 600 to the tune of about 6 million.I've made up my losses by investing in Hawk&Little and PiBwasser. I have also debunked the competition aspect. At least destroying companies. I turned the Clucking Bell factory just outside Paleto Bay into a bloodbath for a good hour, blew up trucks killed employees etc etc,share price fit cluckingBell went up,and taco bomb went down. Same test at the airport destroyed every flyUS aircraft I could see, AirEmu stayed the same

#57 Posted by AlisterCat (6206 posts) -

@propagandroid: That's a shame. Though those investments must be paying off big time. Pisswasser is up from 6 to 17 now. Money shouldn't be an issue for you in this game. Though from how the BawSaq has been thus far, if those start to go down I'd pull out immediately. It might contribute to it declining even more but at least you get out with your own money.

Also a general warning, I'm not sure if this is a temporary glitch but the percentage changes on the market page are stuck at +100%. Your portfolios should still report the correct percentage for your investments but the overall market percentages seem to be bugged making it a bit difficult. Maybe there was a reset or something.

#58 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

The stock markets make no sense to me at all. I've heard people talking about getting tips on the radio or from characters but the only thing I've ever seen is the assassination missions. Are the news stories on the stock home page tips on where to invest your cash or are they thing that have already happened? And the BAWSAQ market just seems like unpredictable insanity to me.

#59 Posted by BBAlpert (1855 posts) -

When you see news stories about specific companies on the main "Finance" page, does that mean that stock is about to rise/fall, has started and will continue to rise/fall, or has already risen/fallen?

Like if I see something like "*insert lazy joke about fat Americans*, Burger Shot restaurants doing great!" does that mean I should invest because it's on it's way up? Or does it mean I should not invest in it because it's just finished going up and can only go back down? Similarly, if something is reported to be doing poorly, would I buy immediately, assuming that the report is a sign that it has already hit rock bottom? Or would I want to wait a bit, if the report means that the stock is going to tank (but hasn't yet)?

Or are those news stories basically fluff/red herrings?

#60 Posted by beepmachine (631 posts) -

@bbalpert: That's exactly what I'm unsure of as well

#61 Posted by Stonyman65 (3079 posts) -

Okay here we go:

Don't do ANY of Franklin's Lester missions until after you beat the game and have shitloads of money to invest.

Before or at the beginning of each mission, invest ALL OF YOUR MONEY in these stocks: (stocks in bold/underline are important - that's where you'll get the most money from)

  • Beta Farm (first mission)
  • DEB (second mission)
  • ARU (third mission)
  • FRU (fourth Mission)
  • VAPID (fifth mission)
  • GOLD COAST (sixth mission)

Shortly after each mission is completed (about 2 minutes game time) SELL ALL OF YOUR STOCKS

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