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Poll: The Ending (Spoilers!) - Poll and Discussion (365 votes)

A. 5%
B. 1%
C. 95%
#51 Posted by HatKing (6384 posts) -

It'd be great if game designers would quit making me write their endings and take some fucking responsibility. Seems like any game that actually makes you pick the ending ends up feeling a little weak. This was no exception. The player choice stuff in GTA IV was shit and meaningless too. The only game I can recall that makes choice seem worthwhile is The Walking Dead, and the choices in that game are largely an illusion of choice.

#52 Edited by Nightriff (6143 posts) -

Picked C

Ended like I thought it would and it was ok, would've rather ended it off the high of the last heist and getting away from the cops but whatever. As a whole a better game than 4 but 4 had a way better ending, felt more final where I was expecting a twist but there wasn't one

#53 Edited by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

I chose B.

Before i go into my rationale i have to say the story in this game is so weak it's truly unreal. The story hits its peak when each character is still off doing their own things before they all become mixed up together which is the first 3rd/quarter of the game.

Micheal and Franklin's relationship seemed too forced. The guy sticks a gun to the head of some random thug who illegally enters his home and repos his son car and then breaks him off with a few dollars afterwards for sticking it to his boss? Then Franklin suddenly jumps all over Micheals D like some weak minded puppy? hmm...Way to hokey.

MIcheal and Trevors relationship seems completely untapped and unresolved for everything that happened. Trevor's best friend turns out to be alive for 10 years and the first thing he does upon seeing him is to jump into the uncle role of getting MIcheals daughter? Really? Your not gonna fuckin lay into this guy who you considered to be your best friend for faking his own death unbeknownst to you? Sure they yell and bicker a bit but you can tell Trevor is hurt at the idea that he was out of the loop but you never really see Trevor have that emotional release to illustrate that. I seriously thought there'd be a point where him and Micheal would come to blows.

Additionally, after Trevor finds out Micheal had sold him and his brother up the river all those years back, again nothing comes from it except some bickering and hissy fits. Not so much as a single punch was thrown or exchanged. The reveal about his brother combined with MIcheal being alive this whole time, you'd really think Trevor would just fuckin lose it. I expected this. I WAS WAITING FOR THIS!....and it never happens. aside from being disappointed, it virtually makes no sense in terms of Trevor's character or just how i imagine most normal people would handle it. He's so subdued and he loses a lot of his edge when the 3 characters start working together

Furthermore, after they meet up and cross paths, the story becomes very Micheal-oriented which i really hated. I don't really care for his character. I don't really care about his shitty family. I don't want to continually be some lapdog for the FIB. I don't give a shit about being a low rent bodyguard for some old producer but yet all these things become extremely prominent. What's up with Franklin and Lamar's relationship and it's evolution? (Lamar is hands down the best side character in the game btw) or his crazy Aunt or his fuckin EX that he's stuck on but we only see one fucking time and she somehow magically knows where we live after we move into the hills? What about Trevor and Ron's relationship? Is Wade still trapped in Twilight zone hell of getting infinite lap dances at the strip club? What was really the point of Trevor kidnapping Patricia? All these things (that could have developed into very interesting story arcs/beats) take a back seat to Micheal and all his shit. Very unfortunate IMO

So the reason i chose B was a two step process. 1) i assumed given three choices that SOMEONE was going to die one way or the other. Choice C didn't immediately scream out to me as the "lets all band together to take these guys down" and 2) I don't like MIcheal (as explained above) so assuming someone was definitely going to die i decided to have it be him.

I seriously considered saving him at the last minute but i was worried that he would just kill franklin because i feel like that's what anyone in that situation would given i just chased him around for 10 minutes trying to take his life but as i illustrated, these relationships don't really make sense worth a damn so who knows. And that ending just leaves A LOT to be desired.

It's a shame that the game delivers on all other fronts for the most part but the story is just subpar even though each character individually is pretty compelling.

#54 Posted by MiniPato (2805 posts) -


I actually like Michael and his shitty dysfunctional family. I hated them at first, but I kinda grew to like them in that mission "Reuniting the Family." While they're cartoonishly dysfunctional, I found that aspect oddly relate able. Michael was my favorite character and I wish there was more to do with him than being an FIB lacky.

Also need to mention Brad was not Trevor's brother by the way. He was just a dude they hired for the heist, but I guess Trevor shared a sense of camaraderie with him being the only other known "survivor" and since Michael died and he had no one to talk to. But he really didn't know Brad at all since it was Dave writing the letters. I never got the sense that Trevor knew Brad before the North Yankton heist.

Other than that, I have to agree with you about the story being very weak. I too found it really weird that Franklin took Michael up on his offer for a drink when it was just some passing comment while he held a gun to his head. And Trevor going to save Tracey from Fame or Shame did feel sudden and forced. I would believe that Trevor would want to save Tracey from humiliation, but I just wanted a smoother segway into a mission rather than interrupting Trevor and Michael's first meeting in 10 years. The temporary reconciliation during "The Wrap Up" firefight between the FIB, IAA, and Merryweather was weird and unexplained as well. "If anyone's gonna kill you, it's me, buddy" is a weird sentiment to have when Trevor was ready to let Michael die at the hands of the Triad.

It's been mentioned before, but Franklin becomes insignificant to the bigger picture once the main story of Michael's betrayal of Trevor is introduced. It really felt like they had a hard time finding a role for him to play in the trio. When Franklin's doing his own thing with Lamar, he's interesting. When he's with the Trevor and Michael, he's the "man this shit is crazy, I'm tired of hearing you guys arguing" guy. I actually liked Lamar and Franklin's almost futile attempt to carve out their own name in the gang world. The stuff with Stretch and the Ballas could have been really cool, but Stretch only shows up twice. Once for his introduction and again for his death. He gets a passing mention in Lamar Down as being a traitor, but he never felt like a significant enough threat compared to the FIB, Merryweather, and the Triad. And yes, Tanisha just came in last minute because they needed someone to tell Franklin about Lamar. It should have been Stretch who called him up about Lamar. Would have made sense to set an ambush for Franklin and made Stretch a more active antagonist. Yes, Franklin saved Michael from the Triad and ultimately dictates the ending of the game, yet somehow he doesn't feel as important as the other two.

I mentioned it in another thread, but I also hate how much the story revolved around being blackmailed by the FIB. It's so weird seeing them go about doing all this criminal activity and then go do missions for the FIB. Granted it's for a corrupt branch of the FIB, but it's still jarring none the less. They should have saved all the FIB stuff for the beginning or toward the end. Interweaving FIB missions between the independent criminal missions just makes the story confusing.

The story is serviceable for getting you into cool set piece moments and setting up basic character motivations. It's not terrible, but I did find myself wishing the story was the imaginary story I thought up in my head based on trailers instead of the story we actually got.

#55 Edited by Milkman (17805 posts) -

It's pretty dumb that this would even be a choice. I would liken it to a Giant Bomb chat poll with two "real" answers and then the joke answer. Obviously, everyone would just pick the joke answer.

As for the ending, it was whatever. Everyone felt like they're in the same place that they started. Trevor is still a crazy asshole, Michael is still a bit of a prick living in the same house with the same shitty family, Franklin has a nice new house but is still pretty much the same person. I was trying to think of how you could spoil this game for someone and you really can't. Nothing happens. You beat the bad guys. The end.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time with the game. It was a lot of fun. I just wish there was a little more to it.

#56 Posted by Hunter5024 (6281 posts) -

I picked C, like 95% of other GB users apparently. It was great! Normally I love bummer endings, but I was expecting that the whole game, so having everything work out for the best ended up being way more awesome than it had any right to be.

#57 Edited by LackingSaint (1971 posts) -

Yeah, definitely not a contender for Best Story of the Year on my end. Very little character development (especially among the side-characters), plot-threads seem to get pulled up and abandoned on a whim, Trevor's insanity isn't really explore and ends up just coming off as "Well I guess we can just make this character do what the story dictates rather than what suits his personality, because I guess he's crazy so he's unpredictable?". Franklin gets a new house and then literally nothing happens to his character, Michael becomes a producer on a movie and then literally nothing happens to his character.

Speaking more specifically about the ending, there wasn't really the OOMF I was really hoping for. I kind of just killed a dude and then there were credits. Anyone else agree things would've flowed much better if the Last Big Score were the last mission in the game instead, with the game wrapping up on the gang getting away from the cops with their millions of dollars worth of gold? Could've even had it so the Devin Weston plotline is unresolved after the killing-spree mission, and have a final confrontation in the latter part of the score.

#58 Posted by lusence (427 posts) -

yah i thought the ending was just sorta leading into, hey we have END GAME here... which is a lame copout imo... would of been cool to see all that gold get melted down, even if we had to do it our selves, could of been a nice little active, non-violent ending.

#59 Posted by Hunter5024 (6281 posts) -

"I picked the ending where I try to keep everyone alive and now I am upset that nobody died!" seems to be a common complaint I've seen since I beat the game.

#60 Edited by lusence (427 posts) -

anyone else notice the story was a lot like san andreas where CJ has to do all these missions for some crooked cops. just replaced the cops with FIB. not a big fan of the main storyline, it was just like oh some guy jogs up to Franks house and thats pretty much that as far as lead in goes.

#61 Edited by Nardak (712 posts) -

I didnt get why Franklin would have wanted to kill either of those guys. Well Trevor is a certified psycho but why would Franklin want to trust Devin or whatever his name was.

I didnt seem them bonding and Michael was the person who kinda mentored Franklin and gave him his big break into the world of high stakes heists.

#62 Posted by Xeiphyer (5678 posts) -

A and B were such bullshit endings. Why would Franklin just do what they ask and betray his friends. Felt like a fake choice to me, wouldn't have been surprised if A and B weren't even selectable honestly. Was kinda hoping for real choices when I heard there was multiple endings.
Or at least for C not to play out so perfectly. Why kill someone when a choice has no consequences?

#63 Posted by AcidBrandon18 (1069 posts) -

So wait. One of the protags can die!? What about all of their missions? Thank god I chose C. I just figured A or B would just end like C did just with a different set up.

#64 Posted by Gamer_152 (14281 posts) -

I initially went to kill Trevor, assuming "Deathwish" was code for "Kill Franklin". I found the ending pretty unsatisfactory and after completing it my brother hold me you could just pick the "Deathwish" option and let both characters live. I replayed it, chose that option, and it seemed like a way better closer for that game. As far as my head canon goes C is actually what happens. Considering how good the GTA V story is in general, it's a shame that they threw in that last minute choice which has some ambiguity and one option that's clearly better than the others.

#65 Posted by chainreaction01 (188 posts) -

@gamer_152: I did the same thing. The way the question was phrased I thought it was Franklin sacrificing himself. Didn't consider the possibility that he would call the others to fight it out.

#66 Posted by avantegardener (1215 posts) -

Chose C, because it the ending that makes sense logistically and narratively. As someone mentioned a 'happy ending' feels almost old fashioned, but I liked it. I do think that there should have either been no choice and just C OR the choice just be A and B for a bittersweet ending.

#67 Posted by BBAlpert (1796 posts) -

Do A or B lead to some kind of resolution with Lamar becoming Franklin's Trevor? I kept expecting the story to make that sort of turn, but it never seemed to happen.

#68 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

C without even thinking about it.
Went something like this for me:
"Option A, kill off Trevor"
"Option B, kill off Michael"
"Option C...."
That one! totally doing that one.

And since Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze Of Glory isn't on the soundtrack I knew in my mind that C would be the feel-good ending I wanted out of this game.

#69 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

@bbalpert said:

Do A or B lead to some kind of resolution with Lamar becoming Franklin's Trevor? I kept expecting the story to make that sort of turn, but it never seemed to happen.

I chose Option B. Rest assured there's no evolution to their friendship. Micheal and his family is pretty much the only characters that get any kind of evolution and resolution

#70 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Picked C. The other endings just didn't seem right.

#71 Edited by tombfyre (4 posts) -

I Chose to end Trevor.
The guy was a crazy rapist, murderer, and reviled in chaos... he almost killed Michael (through the chinese) and almost went crazy on Franklin when all he did was have a little chuckle. He kept getting the team into tasks that were totally insane and barely planned out. It seems to me that for the others to go on after doing the impossible... Trevor had to go. He would keep causing issues forever into the future until he burned out.

I can see the appeal of the C ending, especially after mass effect 3..... But with GTA5, the pretty bow didn't seem to fit to me. It would have been nice if they added some lose end cleaning up after the T mission.

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