The Mt. Chiliad Mystery

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I wanted to post it here so we could get some thoughts on it from gamers of all kinds and not solely Grand Theft Auto fans. If you're not familiar with this mystery then let me give a brief summary. At the peak of Mt. Chiliad there is a very mysterious mural which is believed to be a puzzle that can be solved in order to obtain either a flyable UFO and/or a jetpack. A photo of the mural first made it's appearance before the game was even released via leaks. It didn't create a buzz until later when it didn't play a role in the game. There are many people who believe this is Rockstar's gift to everyone who had spent countless hours in their previous games searching for things that didn't even exist, most notably Bigfoot in San Andreas. As of yet the puzzle is still unsolved and many believe there is no puzzle at all and that this is a hint at future DLC. No one really knows for sure but there are a select group of people doing everything they can possibly think of to crack this.

There have been some discoveries that are believed to be linked to this mystery but that's about as far as it goes. At the peak of Chiliad there is an observation deck with telescopes. On the back of the deck is written "Come back when your story is complete." Underneath the deck is a red eye drawn on the ground that resembles the eye at the top of the mural. Located on different parts of the mountain are five strange alien glyphs, which so far are assumed to be the five X's on the mural. There's Rain, Moon, Beam, Eye and Faded. Someone eventually figured out that once you get 100% and return to the peak at 3am during a storm that a UFO will appear. However it cannot be interacted with in any way as if it's a hologram. Two more UFO's were then found. One above a hippie camp in Sandy Shores that resembles the one over Chiliad and then another over Fort Zancudo military base that is far more sinister looking that the other two. These can be interacted with but not damaged as they appear to have a force field around them. If you get to close to them your vehicle will shut down.

No one really knows where to go from here. Myself and my others highly believe that Rockstar has created a very complex puzzle for us to figure out. I know a lot of members here are really smart and have been playing games for years and can hopefully give us a kick in the right direction. Hope was running thin for the last month or so until someone discovered something in the game files that looks like a HUD for a UFO. Now we're back to hunting. Some people are even trying to beat the game to 100% without ever killing a pedestrian because they think the X's represent a choice that needs to be made. There is just too much info and theories that people have to cover in one post so I suggest if you want to help then check out some of the GTA message boards or reddit and read up on some of the ideas. We feel like we're so close but there's a missing link that no one has yet to find. Either there is nothing or Rockstar was able to make a puzzle no one has solved yet.

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At this point I'm sure the big easter eggs are just the 3 UFOs. People have looked through the files and there is no jetpack or flyable UFO or anything like that to be found. Could be hidden really really well. I believed there was more at the beginning when the UFOs were first found, but no I think the UFOs are it.

But it's crazy that they modeled and animated that UFO above Fort Zancudo and even gave it an interior you can see through the window if all it does is sit there in a random spot at 100%. It looks badass too.

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I really want some X-FIles-esque DLC. Crossing my fingers for that to be the conclusion of all this.

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The thing that gets me the most is the stick man with the jetpack. The lines on the mural are so complex and no one can figure out what they mean, especially the line that connects the UFO to the jetpack. Now a HUD has been found that is very convincing that there is a flyable UFO or something. Here it is over a screenshot.

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I really want some X-FIles-esque DLC. Crossing my fingers for that to be the conclusion of all this.

That's what I'm hoping, too. Like Undead Nightmare, only aliens instead of zombies.

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Damn, I didn't realize the UFOs only showed up after getting 100%. I will never 100% a GTA game. I suppose I could use a map.

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I found the jetpack, I flew it for a bit then I crashed and died. My jetpack blew up and now it's gone forever. :(

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I fully expect an alien DLC for the game. That'd be awesome. Sorta like Undead Nightmare for RDR but ya know, aliens.

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The elevator on floor -1 with the green light that flashes down and the UFO above it at Fort Zancudo has been confirmed to be a working elevator. Somebody glitched it opened. But the way the glitch works doesn't allow you to go in, and doing it with a friend apparently lags you out or something.

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I would imagine that if you got the Buzzard under the map and very carefully tried to get to Ft. Zancudo, you could possibly see if anything is under it. Unless they have some way of disquising it to look like the background. The only other affirmative way to possibly find it is to somehow enable a God Mode (I don't hack so I can't) in GTA 5, and go around to the elevator and see if its possible to get in it via glitch. And I don't mean the 5 min invincibility code, would take much longer than that to figure it out. Plus, the Alien Spaceship HUD looks quite convincing. If they ever do one day come out with it and reveal it if we fail to decipher it, we may one day actually have a flyable UFO! Then again, I'm sure we will solve it, we have a ton of brilliant minds working on this. I wouldn't discard any clue, no matter how absurd it is. Any clue that is even remotely useful could be ground breaking. It might also be possible, though very labor intensive, that we could go through every file in the game, and, maybe, just maybe, we can find the holy grail. It may be a letter telling us what we are missing, or even explain the whole mystery in a very understandable way. It may also be a 3D modeling of a flyable UFO. If in the off-chance it is a 3D modeling, I'm sure that we have someone is the community more than willing to finish it up and hack it into the game possibly. I wonder if it's also possible to get into that door in the top of the ski lift as the UFO is in the air above Mt. Chiliad. It may be possible to get in the door, find the holy grail, and finally put this mystery to bed!! We may unearth gaming's biggest mystery, and to think we are so close. I think Rockstar has made a damn good job making this cryptid message difficult to hack. But, we have come so far and I don't wanna see it go to waste. Millions of hours in the mystery. We are so close!

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I think the moral is showing something like electricity or storm illuminuty or ufo Easter egg or dinosaur egg mount chilad or another mountain the squares are buildings the x's or marking locations or if u have a jetpack from the Easter egg u can go to the ufo or something

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@air19 said:

I think the moral is showing something like electricity or storm illuminuty or ufo Easter egg or dinosaur egg mount chilad or another mountain the squares are buildings the x's or marking locations or if u have a jetpack from the Easter egg u can go to the ufo or something

nailed it.

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