The year of the Dog continues

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Famitsu revealed new details about GTA V

Such as an underwater mission,The different types of animals you will be able to hunt and yes...Customizing CHOP .Chop is Franklin s dog if some of you didn't know. We will be able to buy different collars and accessories for him but he may get lost :( i don't even have the game yet and i don't want him to get lost !! Hopefully they have the Red dead feature and call Chop when ever he gets lost.

So currently the year of the dog continues with Riley from COD Ghosts, Watchdogs and Chop from GTA V. Come on ubisoft and stop slacking and announce a french dog for watchdogs.

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that's interesting, I wonder if you'll be able to send him of to attack Innocent bystanders, that'd be funny as hell.

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I think you're forgetting the most important 'dog' of 2013 -

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