Who wants to (occasionally) play XBL GTA Online?!

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So I just got GTA 5 on Friday (AKA two days ago), and I've been playing a bit here and there.

I'm hoping to get a group together to play online. I only play occasionally, as I'm pretty busy with work atm. It tends to occupy a lot of my time, but I nonetheless wish to play GTA Online with people other than just the guys who run and gun me all the damn time.

So, I guess I'm looking for a duder/duderess who plays only bits at a time, and would like to meet up and play every once in a while. Nbd if you level faster than me or anything, just looking for somebody who puts around the same amount of time in as I do.

And of course, the more the merrier, so even if you don't necessarily meet these requirements but still wanna play, feel free to message me on here, and I'll def play with you/do missions/whatever.

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Hey i am looking for friends too, you can add me: telehyperaidan

but i am not the best with gta5 but i just play for fun, i dont really care about levels.

I live in europe, so i hope time zones wont be a problem...

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