You Will Get to See a Grand Theft Auto V Trailer In VIII Days

#101 Posted by AndrewB (7691 posts) -

Alright, so the V in the logo looks like US currency. So GTA V has money in it. CONFIRMED.

#102 Posted by triviaman09 (804 posts) -

I might be more excited for this than I have been for any video game ever (apologies to Skyrim and ME3). Hell, I would be excited for a patch of IV which added mission checkpoints. Checkpoints made Lost and Damned and Gay Tony way better games to play, though I didn't think the plot or characters in the expansions were as good as the ones in IV.

#103 Posted by Dtat (1630 posts) -

As long as they fix the on foot gameplay I'm in.

#104 Edited by Scodiac (480 posts) -

OH JESUS! Super excitied!

#105 Posted by Ithmoliar (140 posts) -

I'm so happy I want to cry... so...happy.....

#106 Posted by Kyle (2325 posts) -
#107 Posted by Cirdain (3154 posts) -

@TheKing said:

In my opinion GTA IV is the best game this gen. So I can't wait to see what this is.

I disagree


#108 Edited by Lobster_Ear (285 posts) -

So they're going with GTAV instead of GTA: -something- City huh? Makes me wonder if they built a new engine again because I thought they only put numbers after the games that run on a new engine.


#109 Posted by defector (39 posts) -

Looks like the art on American currency.

#110 Posted by Brodehouse (10134 posts) -

Pfff.  Where's Agent?  70s spy thriller.  Want that.

#111 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (676 posts) -

Strap it - oh, wait.

#112 Posted by Cincaid (2959 posts) -

@rjayb89 said:

Nintendo, get on those timed exclusives! Stat!

November 2nd; the day that Rockstar announced GTAV being a WiiU exclusive. Also the day the Internet burned to the ground.

#113 Edited by Cirdain (3154 posts) -

@defector: Judging that the numeral has a background that similar to an american dollar and that the font is old timey like a bank note I think that this story will be you playing somebody working there way up the corporate ladder of the bank industry (and it turns out that they're more powerful than the mob). You probably get thrown into a mess against your will or by accident or be put in a situation were you had to do something bad, this would then make room for some rockstar trade mark emotion/writing which could be better but is still alright. With this power you'll at some-point take control of a section of this 'mob'-style insanity and give orders, get mad and get twitchy with temper (or the other-side if you want to be good). You play either an Indian, one of the latins or an American.

This is all guess-work ;)

#114 Posted by Humanity (10123 posts) -

I hope to God they don't use the engine or driving physics from GTA4

#115 Posted by CallMeSarge (8 posts) -

If it is LA/Los Santos, i will cream my jeans and shit myself at the same time. San Andreas was probably my favourite game of the last 10 years. Spent so long playing it modded to hell on the PC.

I'd love to see a grittier take on LA, maybe looking at it through the eyes of the TV show 'The Shield'. Corrupt Coppers for the win!

#116 Posted by heavyplay (297 posts) -

You're an Irish guy stealing library vans in Rome.

#117 Posted by Ben99 (1135 posts) -

Just make transitions faster from A to B this time around . Driving across the city only to be shot isn't fun besides the tedious driving and driving.....

#118 Posted by Scott757 (73 posts) -

I am calling it now, GTA V will take place in CAPITAL CITY

#119 Posted by Olivaw (1215 posts) -

Well the logo is clearly a reference to money, what with the fancy banner and color and shading and whatnot.

Personally? I'm hoping the main character is a no-nonsense lady. They've already had a black man and an immigrant, they should complete the trifecta and make insecure dudes really uncomfortable!

#120 Posted by jtman54179 (179 posts) -

Saints Row 3 called they want their Kanye West song back

#121 Posted by Olivaw (1215 posts) -

@Brodehouse said:

Pfff. Where's Agent? 70s spy thriller. Want that.

Oh fuck, you're right. Where IS Agent? I want an open world spy game almost as much as I wanted an open world western.

#122 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (601 posts) -

I'm so fucking excited! I really can't wait!

#123 Posted by MeatSim (10942 posts) -

Red Dead and LA Noire were nice breaks from GTA but I am ready for some more GTA now.

#124 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

As long as there's a (possible) release date at the end of the trailer, I'm satisfied... for a while.
#125 Posted by SneakyPenguins (242 posts) -

.....i still need to finish the pigeons from number 4. guess Batman is getting a break tonight

#126 Posted by SternOne (38 posts) -

No one game should have all that power

#127 Posted by agentboolen (1846 posts) -

I still haven't beaten the boring biker dlc for the 4th game!!

#128 Posted by Disco_Godfather (16 posts) -

Has anyone seen the HBO show Treme? A post hurricane New Orleans would be a great location for a GTA game, especially with the rich culture of music that the city has. Also, the hurricane would be a good contrivance for sectioning off areas of the map at the start due to flood damage or something. I've envisioned this game to the point that whatever they actually announce won't be as good as the game in my head.

#129 Posted by XxRANGAxX (226 posts) -

since I found this out I dont know wither im more exited of this news or that skyrim is out in 17 days, adn that honest i really dont know!

#130 Posted by RNiemeijer (133 posts) -


#131 Posted by h0lgr (911 posts) -

It's set in Washington. Consider it called.

#132 Posted by Cincaid (2959 posts) -

@SneakyPenguins said:

.....i still need to finish the pigeons from number 4. guess Batman is getting a break tonight

Haha, first thing I thought when I first heard of this. "Damn, guess I should finally do all those jumps and pigeons, and the DLC..."

#133 Edited by NTM (7547 posts) -

Looks like the texture of a dollar bill. I wonder where it's going to take place, but from the looks, it doesn't look like Vice City; could be new (maybe even real?). What if they make/let you go to all the GTA areas? Liberty City, Vice City, Liberty City. I'm excited to see this new GTA, I don't really have any good ideas as to what this will be.

#134 Posted by bvargs (11 posts) -

this deserves to be my first post

#135 Posted by TheKing (844 posts) -

@Cirdain said:

@TheKing said:

In my opinion GTA IV is the best game this gen. So I can't wait to see what this is.

I disagree


I imply you are a CoD fanboy!

That's how this usually works, right?

#136 Posted by fetchfox (1363 posts) -

Wow, finally. I wonder where this will take place.

#137 Posted by Cybexx (1230 posts) -

So Rockstar's GTA release pattern is to release 3 trailers about a month apart from each other and then release the game. Just saying.

#138 Posted by Shakezula84 (443 posts) -

Can't wait for the game itself. GTA IV took a large chunk of my life (30 hours in the first week not counting reloads and multiplayer). If it wasn't for the trophy patch and my PS3 dying taking my save with it I would have beaten it by now.

Here's hoping for a holiday '12 release

#139 Posted by Xsnipd (96 posts) -

I hope to god it is going to be in San Francisco/San Andreas. I wanna hear Snoop Dogg in the streets son

#140 Edited by Castiel (2744 posts) -

@endaround said:

Green has five letters...

Green is the color of money and if you look closely at the V it has kind of a money like texture to it.

Also it could just mean that it's set in Ireland, I doubt it though, or that the main character is Irish... or it could just mean nothing.

#141 Posted by Zor (667 posts) -

Reading the responses to this article, i find myself in the minority group of people who didn't like gta4. Personally, i hope gta 5 is more like gta 3 vice city and less like the 4th gta (which in my opinion was boring with bad/lazy game play elements).

#142 Posted by El_Derrico (205 posts) -

No one man should have all that power...[fade to black]

#143 Posted by DougQuaid (1275 posts) -

Interesting that they're going straight to Five and not spin-off the series like they did after Three.

Hard to believe it's already been 4 years since the last game and it will probably be at least another before this game actually comes out.

#144 Posted by dcgc (878 posts) -

There is a god! Aleluia!

#145 Posted by ShinSolidus (35 posts) -

@FilipHolm said:

@Izick said:

@FilipHolm said:

I was so excited when I saw this today! Me and a friend printed out copies of that logo and handed them out randomly on the street in the middle of town. A memorable day :D

What the fuck?

Sometimes I like to allow myself to become a kid again

Hey, ain't nothin' wrong with that. Gotta let that inner kid out sometimes, or else you become a stuck up sumbitch!

#146 Posted by DrPockets000 (2859 posts) -

@Derekh1029 said:

Looks very similar to the font and style used in US currency

That was my initial thought. That makes me guess that it will once again be in some semblance of a US city.

The fact that is is a "money" style font makes me suspect that they will return to the "empire building" feel that Vice City Stories had. That's just my 5 second off-the-cuff prediction though.

#147 Posted by Ronald (1394 posts) -

Judging from the clue of the V, the game is going to be begin in Washington DC in the 1850s and you will play as Abraham Lincoln, who starts out as a low level mob enforcer and rises to power ending up as President of the United States. But after a failed assassination attempt in 1965 you fake your death and then hunt down your old mob buddies who tried to have you killed.

#148 Posted by Karmum (11519 posts) -

My body is ready.

#149 Posted by AzureSkeith (33 posts) -

great, now we can only hope it wont suck ass like the last one

#150 Posted by Zomboid_Ross (10 posts) -

V stands for vault. It's going to be a Fallout/GTA crossover. Set in a post apocalyptic Venice. And you play as Vince Vaughn. Obviously. Oh, and it turns out lizard men have taken over the world. See, V doesn't mean five.

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