You Will Get to See a Grand Theft Auto V Trailer In VIII Days

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  1. Hell yeah! My internal GTA cooldown timer says 'YOUR BODY IS READY!'
  2. GTA V will be about money. Chasing money. Making money. Printing money. Stealing money. Money. Money. Money.
  3. Could be about the downfall of a white collar criminal (or the scapegoat for a white collar crime getting his revenge).

GTA V's City will be inspired by Chigago and there will be a border to Canada and parts of the gameworld will be dedicated to weedgrowing Canadians. Canadian criminals are THE BEST!

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@Ronald: You should make games

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Who's on the 5 dollar bill? Lincoln.

That's right...

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Looking forward to it and the six DLC's it'll probably have.

My wallet is waiting in apprehensive horror, though. Looking forward to next Wednesday.

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Am I wrong to conclude Chicago got a lot more popular in contemporary media since Obama got voted into office? I see Chicago everywhere! CSI Chicago is just a matter of time. Mark my words.

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Don't know how to feel about this not being next gen.

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@fetchfox said:

Wow, finally. I wonder where this will take place.

Chicago & Surroundings, which includes a border to Canada.

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@1p said:

Don't know how to feel about this not being next gen.

There's no money in making original first generation next generation console titles. Just a lot of investment. Likely gonna be lots of hi-res 60 FPS multiplatform ports for awhile, outside of first party prestige productions.

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Is a Q1 2012 release out of the question here? I hope not. It seems like R* has been keeping hush hush on their games and then an announcement followed by a relatively quick release.

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cant wait

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I'm happy with this news.

But, I will not watch every trailer, or read every preview leading up to release. I poured over everything leading up to GTAIV's release and when it came to play the game at launch I felt that a lot of it had been spoiled.

I love GTA, maybe the old ones more than the newer ones, but I will buy this DAY ONE. And I will try and keep my trailer viewing to a minimum so as not to ruin the launch.

That being said, I will watch the first trailer, only to see possible protagonist and/or setting.

My vote? I wouldn't mind a return to Vice City, or San Andreas, but if it's a new locale then I reckon Capital City.

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I've bought every single GTA game since 3. I've never walked away enjoying the any of the games. I always get swept up by the hype and buy it day 1. Unless this is radically different, which I'm not expecting nor should I as there are tons of fans of the series, I will skip it. Now I can't wait to read this a year later after I bought it...

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I hope GTA V takes some hints from earlier GTA games. Less bowling, less darts, less bars, less comedy shows, less calling me every second minute. I guess San Andreas had an okay mix.

Don't give me negative points for wanting to play some real GTA, rather than some first person Sims. I don't care which restaurant this person likes better. At least let me complete the story without that BS.

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I was going to guess Los Santos as well, seeing as the green is the same color as the money count in GTA San Andreas. Could be wrong in that, but it would fit with the clues hidden in the Episodes from Liberty City manual (eg. the mountain being Mount Chiliad).

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Cool, cant wait for this :)

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I'll just say "WOOT!" and "N'aww, not Vice City 2?"

Otherwise, this is good times.

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5 dolla bill yall!

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Green...Emerald City...Starbucks logo...SEATTLE!

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I must admit, I was really hoping for a GTA game set in some grimey shithole like Detroit, Baltimore or London, because I loved the grim, dirty realism of Liberty City in 4. But a game set in a US capital & you get mixed up with greasy politicians & slimey lobbyists (if the satire is not handedly too lightly), not to mention that DC has more than its fair share of rough areas, I'd be OK with all that. A return to Vice City or Los Santos/San Andreas, I'm less keen on, though I full faith in Rockstar to pump out yet another game that I'll love, but I've got the Saints Row games for my over-the-top mania, while nobody does a gripping story in a video game (in my opinion, I've obviously learnt that not everyone shares my GTA4 adoration) with captivating character that make you care like the guys who did GTA4, The Lost & The Damned & The Ballad Of Gay Tony.

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Really hope that there's a PC release, unlike the last couple R* games. There were some awesome mods and stuff for GTA IV that wouldn't have been possible without a PC release. That being said, although I always hope for Chicago (where I'm from), I think that it's either going to be a return to one of the previous cities or DC, just cause of the green money-looking thing and how it reminds me of government.

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So what the hell's happening to Agent? Jack Tretton implied it was no longer a Sony exclusive. But I didn't take it as it being cancelled. Don't get me wrong, I've loved GTA since I played the first one in 1998. But I just want to see something else come out of the Rockstar North studio for once. Just to see what they can do.
edit: And clearly the logo is meant to represent money. I'm gonna speculate a counterfeiting theme in the game.

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@A_Cute_Squirtle said:

You will play as Kanye West.

You play as the ghost of Kanye West.

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@Plipster said:

I'll just say "WOOT!" and "N'aww, not Vice City 2?"

Otherwise, this is good times.

Yes. Vice City 2 might be completely unoriginal, but man I want that atmosphere in a GTA game again.

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Looks like dolla, dolla bills. Yo.

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5 dolla bill yall!

Is the main protagonist also going to promote Subway's 5 dollar footlongs?

And I'm not sure why this is a worst-kept secret. I heard that they straight up said, "Yeah, we're working on the next GTA" years ago, and it's not like anyone was going out of their way to either prove or deny its existence.

I'd like to say that I want this and I want that, but I'm not sure what I want from a GTA game anymore. I know I want a IV-esque serious story, but not sure from what perspective. Either way, Rockstar has yet to disappoint, so I think I'll keep my mouth shut until I can buy it on Steam.

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@Wuddel said:

Irish protagonist.

Excellent guess. Based on the looks of that "V", I'd say somewhat likely.

I'd like to see this one taking place in London.

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Could you please put a banner over Roman Numeral to tell me the number of days. I don't know how many days from now that is.

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You play as a ghost.

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I wonder why they they did not follow the convention of call the next to games GTA:... Instead going onto the V?

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@CrescentFresh said:

Green...Emerald City...Starbucks logo...SEATTLE!

Being a Seattlite, I'd love that. I'm not sure the city in itself is very interesting, and I don't know what broad exaggerated stereotypes can be applied to the characters, but as long as I can blow up a helicopter whilst standing on the Space Needle, I'll be satisfied.

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Should be "worst-kept," not "worse-kept."

#183 Posted by steelknight2000 (476 posts) -

The logo is reminiscent of a dollar bill so that doesn't hint at much except it will involve money and possibly stealing of said money.

#184 Posted by McShank (1647 posts) -

The trailer needs to be like the first saints row 3 trailer. 30 seconds long. 3 seconds of actual gameplay and the rest is just a black background with the name of the game and some good music.

#185 Posted by ThePickle (4267 posts) -

That logo is really dumb.

#186 Posted by luchadeer797 (315 posts) -

the green makes and the choice of font for the 5 make me think of currency and government affairs so im thinking itll take place in a satrical version of dc

#187 Posted by Jimbo (10215 posts) -
Green for Ireland?
That was my first thought too.
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@DFL017 said:

You play as Andrew Jackson. Confirmed.

#189 Posted by AngelN7 (2999 posts) -
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No, the game is based inside Andrew Jackson. You're a mean ass white blood cell who has to go kick the shit out of invading bacteria & virus gangs.

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I'm so stoked for this! Even though I liked Chinatown Wars, San Andreas, Vice City, Stories, and III better than IV, the GTA franchise will always be in my heart. I'm surprised to see this release with a number because ever since III they've been careful to increase it. I wasn't expecting to see V until XBOX "720". Their timing for this trailer seems to be raining on Saints' Row The Third parade, but it actually just pump me up more for SR3. I am not going to debate the two franchises because I love both for their own reasons, but thank goodness I was able to enjoy SR2 in the ways that IV let me down.

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@forkboy said:


No, the game is based inside Andrew Jackson. You're a mean ass white blood cell who has to go kick the shit out of invading bacteria & virus gangs.

So a GTA version of Osmosis Jones? Inside Andrew Jackson? Awesome!

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Seriously, can we never say, "one of the worse-kept secrets in the game industry" ever again please? Everything gets labelled "one of the worse-kept secrets in the game industry" these days.

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That logo looks incredibly fake. But I suppose it isn't.

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What's that? I no longer care about any other game coming out? Yep.

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I'm really hoping that this one is set in Rockstar's approximation of Washington DC. The money imagery makes me think of Washington, but that's tangential at best. Still, a plot with some political nastiness and intrigue would be refreshing.

#197 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1357 posts) -

The Five definitely looks something like what you would find on a dollar bill, but I have no idea what that means

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People are only guessing the locations for the next GTA but what about the era? I'm hoping for a 96/97 myself.

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