You Will Get to See a Grand Theft Auto V Trailer In VIII Days

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I am not going to lie. I am kinda excited. I usually hate when companies tease teaser trailers, but I feel like Rockstar can get away with it in this this case... I feel like them along with maybe only Bungie, Blizzard and Valve are the only others... but that is because usually they are not overly annoying about it and do something interesting at least.

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It's a Roman numeral learning simulator. Finally!

#203 Posted by FoxMulder (1705 posts) -

I think I may be over the GTA series, but who knows maybe the location will be enough to excite me!

#204 Posted by ChuckDeNomolos (72 posts) -

Hell. Yes.

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Hollywood and crazy movie related shenanigans! Happening on tha '90s, meebe?

Looking forwards to this, veeeery mucho. While I'm naturally expecting to see a completely new main character, it would be kinda fun to see a familiar face, like Tommy Vercetti, returning as the main character. Not that there'd be much other choices from old GTAs. Quiet Claude and...well, CJ. Not a very memorable character, if you ask me.

#206 Posted by Winternet (8025 posts) -

Best news all year!

All that is left is to Valve come and show us Half-Life 3. Or Episode 3. Something. Anything.

#207 Posted by MormonWarrior (2616 posts) -

Meh. I don't like ANY of Rockstar's games, particularly GTA. Pass.

#208 Posted by Agent47 (1899 posts) -

@MormonWarrior:Wow really?Ajaja I don't get how someone who plays games regularly could not like a GTA game.Unless you like only like strategy or RPG games etc.But for an actual gamer who plays a little of everything I don't understand it.

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@upwarDBound said:

@DFL017 said:

You play as Andrew Jackson. Confirmed.

I hope that we can play in the town that carries his namesake, that bold new city of the south... JACKSONVILLE

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Maybe it's own my own republican conditioning by our school's History classes, but due to the green and the lettering on the "Five" I think it will have something to do with Ireland. It won't be in Ireland, but an Irish protagonist maybe? Perhaps the McRearys will come back.

#211 Posted by Fjordson (2449 posts) -

Oh my GOD. Best gaming news all year for me. Holy fuck. Really did not expect to hear anything on GTA V until at least after Max Payne 3.

Trying to control my hype, given this is still a long ways off probably. Please let it be coming next year.

#212 Posted by wumbo3000 (989 posts) -

I don't even know what to say. Except for FUCK YES.

#213 Posted by Jace (1094 posts) -


#214 Posted by Evercaptor (391 posts) -

They wrote "five" because despite it being obvious, people STILL come in and ask for Grand Theft Auto "Eye-Vee"

#215 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

@Wuddel said:

Irish protagonist.

Wrong! Martian protagonist.

#216 Posted by Dan_CiTi (3373 posts) -

Damn that is a bad logo.

#217 Posted by afrofools (1352 posts) -

It'll probably be a game about Rednecks driving pick up trucks. You also lead an army of squirrels.

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I shit my pants in excitement... and that's just for the logo... The trailer could prove seriously messy

Also, it's San Andreas

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#220 Posted by Subjugation (4724 posts) -

Coming 2014.

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#222 Posted by gbrading (2067 posts) -

The five is definitely a reference to the $5 bill. So I think that confirms that it is at least set somewhere in the United States. Aside from that I haven't the foggiest.

#223 Posted by avidwriter (667 posts) -

Wonder if they'd do an Irish guy that's good with bombs? You know I can't think of the names right now but the two rivals in Ireland that tend to do car bombs? Maybe I'm all foggy in the head...

#224 Posted by PhilipDuck (553 posts) -

Great stuff, even if the trailer reveals the location and a sort of release date i will be satisfied! :D Bring on GTA!

#225 Posted by Ksaw (345 posts) -
Feel free to start speculating wildly about any of those obscure details.

Alright then! Green = Irish = Patrick Mcreary as the lead.

#226 Posted by Scratch (628 posts) -

Alright lets do this!

#227 Posted by HatKing (6019 posts) -

I can't wait. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for another 1980's period piece, but I'm sure I'll fall in love with whatever they do.

#228 Posted by CounterShock (420 posts) -

The logo is obviously based on money, not Ireland.

#229 Posted by Bouke (1402 posts) -

A Kanye West song like Power? That song hasn't been in a trailer before, right!?

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#231 Posted by supermonkey122 (834 posts) -

This will never happen, but fully destructible enviroments would be awesome

#232 Posted by FuzzYLemoN (1600 posts) -

What an atrocious logo. Wow.

#233 Posted by BooDoug187 (356 posts) -

Oct 25th, 2008: Jack Thompson was disbarred

Oct 25th 2011: GTA 5 trailer announced...

#234 Posted by Springfart (338 posts) -

there is a triforce in the E, probably set in hyrule.

#235 Posted by Trebz (487 posts) -

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that GTA is still a big deal.

Anyway, time to brainstorm every city in the country associated with money for a week!

#236 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

Should Grand Theft Auto Five be added as an alias? It's in the title. And on that note, what about Grand Theft Auto (Five)?

#237 Posted by MikkaQ (10313 posts) -

Why do people keep assuming Ireland? The font is the same as what's used on US currency and green is the color of money there. The wavy lines going up and down the V are what makes it the most obvious, those are security guides for cashiers to detect counterfeit money. The logo is clearly meant to be evocative of the five-dollar US bill.

#238 Posted by RoyCampbell (1096 posts) -

Now begins the long, loooong wait for GTA V.

#239 Posted by damnboyadvance (4061 posts) -

We're pretty much guaranteed a trailer with Kanye West music in the background.

#240 Posted by Jep (30 posts) -

I doubt this trailer will be a short tease. If that's what it is, they would have just released it with the announcement. I expect a full-fledged trailer with the platforms and release date revealed, which I think will be "Summer 2012" and 360, PS3 and Wii U.

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I expect Kanye's "Power" for the trailer

#242 Posted by OldManLight (872 posts) -

anyone think that v has something to do with vice city?

#243 Posted by Nottle (1917 posts) -

I want to see some shots of the locations you'll go to. Maybe some nice cars, a plane, or tanks. I also really would like to see the dude your playing as.

I'm hoping that maybe you could be in Vice City. But a modern day take. I kind of want to play a crooked cop.. Maybe like Nick Cage's Bad Liuetenant, but a little more effed up.

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hmmmm Definitely can't wait for next Wednesday. If the title really is Grand Theft Auto V, do you guys think will be back in liberty city again? Considering all of the GTA's with a number attached to them have all taken place in Liberty City I would hope that the next game takes place in a new city.

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Joystiq is reporting that their anonymous source placed GTA V in Los Angeles (or the parodied version of Los Angeles i.e. Los Santos). If so, I'm kinda disappointed. What characteristics of LA can lend the story and gameplay to that New York couldn't?

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maybe this time, things will be different.

#247 Posted by Kraznor (1585 posts) -

Gotta say, didn't really realize how excited I was about this prospect until it became more than just a whisper. L.A. Noire facial animations maybe? MAYBE?

#248 Posted by blacklab (1567 posts) -

Let's hope it's as good as Saints Row 2.

#249 Posted by AngriGhandi (784 posts) -


Okay. Okay. Let's break this down.

...Looks like money. My vote? GTA's version of Washington, DC.

How's that for some controversy?

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Green means....Ireland??? FUCK YEA BABY!!! Gonna be partyin in dublin tonight! (Or possibly main character is Irish) In my opinion the story parts with the Mcreary family were some of the best parts of GTA IV

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