This game does not hold up well at all

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I borrowed from a friend played because i wanted something to do on a long car trip, ended up quiting after three hours.  The wierd dissonance between Vic's personality and the rest of the game I can deal with,  I'm also okay with a slow start and  i can handle awkward combat.  I guess i could have dealt with the unlikable cast as well but whose idea was the forklift mission?  The game was originally made for the psp so why would they put such a mission with such bad controls?   After the 15th try i realized something, i was not having fun with the game, most of the entertainment value was from the talk show on the radio.  I gave up and was soured on the gta series forever... atleast until I found out that my (13 year old though he got the game when he was 11) cousin had gta 4.  Much, much more fun. 

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From what I understand, Vice City Stories didn't exactly hold up well at the time of its release, either.

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@Hailinel said:

From what I understand, Vice City Stories didn't exactly hold up well at the time of its release, either.

it has a metacritic score of 85 for the psp version
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as a psp title originally it wasnt quite as good as the console specific games but to be fair they don't hold up that well either. I tried to play vice city and 3 recently and couldnt get over how bad the handling and gun play was.

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@kashif1: You should play Liberty City Stories, it's definitely much better than VCS.
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I played both of them when they were released on psp and I definitely remember thinking that Liberty City Stories was a lot better, but I do remember having some fun with VC stories even with its flaws.

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The forklift mission was frustrating but the mission "Where it Hurts Most" was much, MUCH worse.

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Yeeeaah those PSP GTAs are weird because at first you're like "awesome! A gta game that looks like the ps2 ones on my psp!" before realizing that the game plays like poo

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I really liked the two games, but it suffered from not having a second analog stick. The ports to PS2 weren't bad at all but don't seem that good compared to San Andreas.

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I played through all of Vice City Stories on the PSP and thought it was ok. Nothing too special, but a decent and mostly fun game. Liberty City Stories on the other hand was a fucking horrible unplayable mess. Maybe it was just my copy or something, but the device literally could not handle the game.

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