old_snake864's Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (PlayStation Portable) review

Another awesome GTA Game

Vice city stories on the psp what more could you want?
This game takes place before the events of the first vice city which already makes it have an interesting storyline. It tells the story of Lance's brother Vic who doesn't like dealing drugs but needs the money for his family.
Vice city stories see's the return of many characters including Diaz, Lance and even Umberto who lives in his own house.

Graphically it looks good for a psp game, although there may be some texture popping now and again but you can easily over look that.
Sound wise again Rockstar have managed to keep cars and guns sounds to a great level and we also see the return of the 80's radio stations which provides songs for you to listen to wherever.

Like other GTA games this will take a while to complete 100%, heck even the story missions are quite long compared to other GTA games.

If you have anyone to play with the multiplayer modes are fun even with just two people. There are a lot of modes to choose from so there will be something for everyone.

Overall this is a must for psp owners and provides a lost chapter in the GTA series!


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