supakoopatroopa's Grand Theft Auto Double Pack (PlayStation 2) review

Welcome to the Jungle is still playing in my head.

When GTA: Vice City was announced, I couldn't wait. I still have a game magazine featuring it on the cover stored away in mint condition.

Out of all the GTA's, this one remains my favorite. It's got style.

This is the first game in the series to feature helicopters! As soon as I popped in the disc, it was my mission to fly one. The first one I found was a police copter on top of a building on the second island. What a blast, I had never experience a GTA game like this.

While you're up there hovering about, listening to "I Ran" by Flock of Seagulls, you may notice that the cars are a lot shinier, the lights are a lot brighter, and the roller skaters are a lot hotter. There's never a dull moment in Vice City.

You can visit a night club, do a photo shoot, race your dune buggy across the beach (maybe across a few people) and when you're feeling frustrated, pull out the Gatling Gun. However, you won't be able to Push it to the Limit like in GTA3, because there are no limits in Vice City. *Here's where Welcome to the Jungle starts playing*

That's right, this game is all about the music. Sister Christian, get ready to listen to Lazlow in his prime, Out of Touch, Billie Jean, Video Killed the Radio Star, Owner of a Lonely Heart and more great 80's hits. The music was such a big deal in the game, they even released a GTA: Vice City Box Set Soundtrack

And when fun and games isn't what you're looking for in a game, there's a great extensive story to back it all up. The graphics were amazing for its time, the music was amazing for its comeback, and the gameplay was much better than a time before.


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