wwfundertaker's Grand Theft Auto Double Pack (PlayStation 2) review

The best Grand Theft Auto game on the ps2

Story- Tommy Vercetti served time in jail while his buddies were free outside. Since his release he was sent down to Vice city to do work for Sunny. Things get out of hand and Tommy decides to take over Vice himself. The decade 80`s.

Gameplay- From story and random gameplay makes this game brilliant. You can do the story line to unlock weapens and the other island or you can get a gun and start blasting. Improvements from Gta 3 such as graphics, more cars, bikes and planes. The best bit is you can buy property which can gain you money.

Sound - The best part of the game. A 80`s soundtrack has been the theme since the game is set in the 1980`s. Artists such as Frankie goes to hollywood, Michael Jackson and many others.

Words cant describe this game so goes and buy it.

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