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Cliched experience set apart by its execution 0

Grandia II was one of the biggest JRPGs on the Dreamcast (along with Skies of Arcadia). What it lacked was innovation; it made no new waves in a genre notorious for stagnation. What made the experience still satisfying was how the fairly standard pieces came together. The gameplay was simple but satisfying, the combat was challenging but not tedious, and the storyline had no big surprises but conveyed its message well. Graphically, the game is decent considering its age and hardware; the game st...

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Grandia II (PC) Review 0

   PC owners get a chance to play an excellent console-based RPG.  The word for today children is "port". While it's not uncommon for companies to create a game for one system and then translate it to others, Grandia II may hold the record for most time spent in this process. What was originally penned as one of the first RPGs on the Dreamcast, Grandia II has managed to make its way onto the PS2 and finally landed on the PC. The game is a little dated considering the many months that it...

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Grandia 2 was about as average an RPG can get. 0

Ok, let me rant a little bit before I dive in my Dreamcast review. I originally played Grandia 2 on the PS2. I didn't know first hand of the differences until after I played it but I knew something was wrong. When you chatted with someone the dialog text ran in slow motion. It was so slow I avoided NPC chats. You also ran in slow motion in town scenes and cutscenes aswell. The Playstation 2 version was so slow and janky that I cut a couple hours off of my time when I played the Dreamcast version...

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Grandia II has a good simple battle system, but that's it. 0

This is my first Grandia experience.  The game itself was ugly, had a ton of bugs, extremely linear, but the fun battle system and decent storyline made up for all the flaws. Speaking of being extremely linear, this game moves in a straight line all the way through, there's no turning back ever. Grandia II felt really short also. ----------Battle System---------- Grandia II prides itself on the innovative battle system, but I'm not buying it. It's a little different from normal, but still pret...

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