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Ancient Quarry

A cave dungeon that divides the region, running from north to south. It works as a shortcut while traveling. Several Ogres live here.

Barta Crags

The western region of Gransys. The landscape is hilly and rough, and powerful foes like chimeras and cyclopses can be found there.

Blighted Manse

A clerical estate in the northern end of Gransys, but it's not accessible until the player is on the Duchess in Distress quest. The dukes' manse was once a popular location for nobility, but is mostly abandoned these days.

Bluemoon Tower

A faraway ruin in the northeast of Gransys. It was once a castle but is now falling apart, with treacherous stairs and narrow ledges causing the player to move around carefully. The main story of Dragon's Dogma takes the player there twice, once to defeat the Griffin, and another time to get the Wyrmking Ring back from the sorcerer Salomet. Due to it's remote and isolated location on the cliffs, the way there is long and demanding.


The hometown of the player and starting location. It's a small town on the shore where most people make a living off of fishing. Although it's attacked by the dragon in the beginning of the game and several of the inhabitants die, it's still a rather lively place that offers many quests and has a few shops.


A dungeon close to Gran Soren, filled with undead enemies. During the main story, the player goes there to pursue a cult and defeat it's leader, Balsac.


A river divides this region from the Wilted Forest. It's crawling with bandits, and powerful creatures like cyclopses or chimeras can be found there as well.

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