Is it really greener on the other side?

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When I look at grass now in games, it seems we haven't made much progress.  Sure, games like Call of Duty 4 have made tall grass surprisingly realistic, especially when it comes to people in ghillie suits hiding in them, but up close the illusion always fades.

Does anyone think we'll see realistic grass some day?

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lol... Kind of a random topic, no? Well yeah, grass definitely doesn't see great improvement. I'm no programmer, but it probably has to do with grass taking up too much memory or something technical like that. In order for grass to look realistic there has to be a lot of it, and all that potential grass could probably be used to make character models look prettier or something. But I agree, grass has not been done justice.

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It's hard to do - it can't be extremely detailed, because there's too much of it.

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I really don get it when people say these kinds of things >.>

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legend_cloud said:
"I really don get it when people say these kinds of things >.>
Well, I admit I'm being a bit facetious here - after all, this is the grass forum.  I'm grasping at straws to start a meaningful on-topic discussion. ;)
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I think games like Crysis and such are doing good things with foliage. You know how some of the plants and stuff sort of swish away from you? Well doing a similar thing for ALL that grass, MADNESS

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damswedon said:
"i say look at flower"
You're right, that does look pretty awesome.
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I am so happy this thread was made.

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