#1 Posted by Daniel (1523 posts) -

The list has gotten up to 612 already, and I can guarantee you that the majority of those games didn't display grass in any special/revolutionary way. Please stop attaching games just to rack up points.

#2 Posted by Systech (4078 posts) -

For sure. If there is only one game on the grass page, it should be just Flower. Everyone should use Flower as a reference point for what kind of games should belong on the page.

#3 Posted by TheBeast (1931 posts) -

Daniel speaks the truth. It's not needed. You're just making everyone want to delete these great pages. We really can't have nice things.

#4 Posted by brukaoru (5080 posts) -

Quite a few people are just looking for points, it sucks.

#5 Posted by KuribosShoe (640 posts) -

I don't see why snake eater was deleted.  Grass plays a very big part in the camo system.

#6 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

I was unaware objects had to be displayed in revolutionary ways to be attached to games. If that's the case, then most objects are attached to far too many games. As far as I've known, objects just had to be featured in games to be worthy of being credited. What about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X? I remember the game featured individual blades of grass, which was pretty revolutionary at the time. Is that worthy of being added? Maybe a game like Viva Pinata as well, where grass plays a role in the gameplay?

#7 Posted by Suicrat (3764 posts) -

No, it should be featured when the concept is important to the gameplay, the story or both. You wouldn't put GTA4 on this page even though it has parkland with a grass texture in it.

#8 Posted by Jeff (3680 posts) -

When it comes to pages for extremely common topics like this one, we want extraordinary uses of the object. For grass, that could mean grass plays a major part in the story line, or has a gameplay element to it, or is noteworthy from a technological standpoint. So something like Tony Hawk 2X, with its individual blades of grass, which was fairly unique in its day, should qualify.

#9 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

Right on. Jeff, you're the man. Thanks for acknowledging my question. I think I can die a happy man right now.

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