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Graves was abandoned as a child. Forced to fend for himself, he learned every con trick in the book. Moving from place to place trying to earn a living, he eventually found himself in a card game against fellow conman Twisted Fate. Impressed with each other's skills, the two formed an alliance and ran the streets.

One day, Graves swindled the wrong man, a high ranking business official. Discovering the con, the business official offered to grant Twisted Fate control over magic in exchange for his friend. Twisted Fate took the deal, stabbing Graves in the back and forcing him to spend years in a special, off the record, prison. There he was introduced to a master gunsmith who crafted Graves a shotgun especially to his specifications. Graves named the gun "Destiny" and joined the League of Legends in hopes of someday finding Twisted Fate and exacting his revenge on his old comrade.


Buckshot (Active)

Graves fires three shots in a cone. Does physical damage to all enemies hit. Close enemies may be hit multiple times, but subsequent shots only do 25% damage.

Smokescreen (Active)

Graves fires smoke grenade at the target. Upon landing, creates a smokescreen and damages the enemy that is hit. Smokescreen will slow enemies inside and reduce their vision to only inside the smokescreen.

Quickdraw (Active)

Graves rushes forward and gains an attack speed bonus for 4 seconds. Auto-attacking enemies reduces this ability's cooldown by 1 second per attack.

Collateral Damage (Active)

Graves shoots an explosive shell straight forward. Does extreme physical damage to first campion it hits. After a hit or reaching its maximum range, shell explodes and damages enemies behind champion in a cone.

True Grit (Passive)

Graves gains bonus armor and magic resistance for every second in combat, for a maximum of 10 stacks.


  • Graves is clearly inspired by Western Films and Literature. One of his abilities, True Grit, is even named after a famous western film and novel.
  • Graves former partner, Twisted Fate, is also a playable champion in League of Legends.

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