Gravity Crash Is Launching Worldwide On Tuesday!!!

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 Gravity Crash Looks Like This, Except You Can Make Your Own Levels.
Hurrah! Sony's making a welcome return to the ol' "Play Create Share" genre with the Just Add Water developed dual-stick shooter this Tuesday. There'll be a demo too, apparently.
If you don't know, Gravity Crash is basically Geometry Wars with a "Create your own level section" built in. It'll cost $9.99/£6.29.
Anyone excited for it? Who's going to buy it/try the demo?
:) I've been waiting forever and saw the forum for the game was DEAD so, HELLO, here I am.
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Wow this game looks kinda awesome looks like Sub terrania with a Geometry wars sheen.... needs more minature scientists to pick up!
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The only thing I'm really interested in this one is the soundtrack by Cold Storage (made the original WipEout soundtrack).  I'll try the demo, but I think Pixeljunk Shooter is probably bound to be a better game, but we'll see.

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This looks fantastic. I'm really excited to see how this turns out.

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Shame the forums are dead looks promising.
If they get a proper trailer out on sites, could be have potential.

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I'm interested in this game, it looks cool! Jeff and Ryan were positive in the quicklook.

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