Finally got my copy of Gravity Rush. I have a spare Pre-order DLC

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Hey All,

Best Buy botched my pre-order of Gravity Rush, and changed it from store pick-up to shipping. On top of that, they sent me 2 DLC codes. Both for the pre-order DLC, which is only 1 code.

With that in mind, did anyone buy a retail copy and not preorder? If so, do you want a code?

I'd only pass the code out to someone who I can verify owns the game (activity feed in the Vita friend's list) so I'm not giving it to someone who's going to ebay it or anything.

Any takers?

Edit: The pre-order DLC is a Military Costume and 2 missions in the game. No idea if they're story content or not.

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Yeh ill have it, my PSN is Gn03-Kyrios.

I'm loving the game so far but was only able to get a retail copy.

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Verified ownership through the activity screen. Sent a message. Enjoy.

Mods feel free to lock the thread?

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