Gravity Rush sequel confirmed

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Apparently shown in a video at TGS:

Wonder if this will be on the Vita again or if it'll branch out to consoles. The first one had much potential, so I hope the second game is a lot better.

Teaser trailer:

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Great. Gravity Rush was amazing.

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Excellent news, I'm surprised this game doesn't receive higher praise when people are suggesting games to play on the Vita. It was a ton of fun and worked really well with the controls.

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YAY, I loved the first one (besides the ending).

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Teaser trailer is up:

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I still need to beat the first one, I've had it on my Vita for a while, played a bunch, really enjoyed it, but haven't finished it yet.

Also that soundtrack is amazing.

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One of the rare games I got 100% in everything. All the regular trophies and all the dlc trophies. Looking forward to this.

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Gravity Rush seemed like a great idea but the game was a bit off. I would love to see a followup that is improved!

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I have been waiting for this way too long. Thank you based Sony.

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Awesome! I wouldn't have guessed they'd make a sequel, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Gravity Rush had its issues -- the story and characters were (I think) forgettable, the world felt pretty lifeless, and aspects of the combat system were pretty shallow -- but it had a great style, awesome soundtrack, and some truly unique gameplay. It made great use of the Vita's hardware, which goes a long way for a launch title. I've also got a soft spot for Japanese Europe.

The flying (er, falling) was one of those great gameplay mechanics that started off seeming incredibly difficult, but gradually got more natural with practice. At the end of the game, when I was stringing together gravity kicks and successfully keeping track of Kat's direction and orientation, I felt like I was really doing something I'd never done in a game before, and I don't feel that way very often. I'm usually not a fan of races in open world games, but I spent time repeating Gravity Rush's because they were so mechanically satisfying to master.

@msavo said:

One of the rare games I got 100% in everything. All the regular trophies and all the dlc trophies. Looking forward to this.

Is the DLC worth playing? I had a sense there wasn't much to it and never really investigated it.

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