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Gravity Daze - Import Review 0

Kat is accompanied by her gravity-powered cat, Dusty.The game follows the story of a young amnesiac named Kat, who awakens in a world known as Auldnoir. She is accompanied by a cat named Dusty, the source of her gravity powers. While the first few hours have Kat aiding citizens in menial tasks such as collecting balloons a child accidentally let go of, the story eventually develops into something much bigger. Even without understanding the dialogue, I often found myself wanting to know what happ...

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Something truly unique. 0

I like Sony. I like the PlayStation brand. I decide to support them, by picking up a PS Vita, a system attempting to breach a market dominated by Nintendo’s family of handhelds and a world of smart-phone and tablet gaming. It has controls like a console, but touch screen features like a tablet: the Vita, in other words, is a sort of “Metal Gear” between infantry and artillery, (MGS reference, yeeeees.)Sorry. But it’s best to keep cheery when talking about the Vita. Whatever I read about the syst...

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Pretty fun game 0

Gravity Rush caught me by surprise. It's currently free on PSN for Plus members and the title is not exactly inspiring. I downloaded it for the sake of it without really intending to play it. The first attempt at playing the game didn't exactly grab me, but being slightly inebriated at the time, I resolved to try again under more sober circumstances.The second time around was much more interesting. The story is told through a mixture of a slightly interactive comic and cut-scenes and although...

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An original game worthy of your time. 0

Gravity Rush is a fusion of Portal, a 3rd person adventure game; with strong RPG elements and collectibles, it's quite ambitious and I felt they pulled it off nicely.I've never played a game that controlled like this, at times it was frustrating but most of the time it felt good; this game really takes advantage of all the unique features of the Vita without throwing them in your face, everything just felt right and natural.Story was a bit too anime in parts but overall decent, more than I was e...

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Potential Alone Cannot Carry a Game 0

Gravity Rush is SCE Japan Studio's gravity-bending Vita debut, and pre-release looked to be the console's system seller, blending unique gameplay with a gorgeously rendered expansive environment. Unfortunately, the parts don't quite come together and the final result is underwhelming, made all the more disappointing when the mind wanders to what could have been.You play as Kat, a typically amnesiac protagonist who seems to have fallen into a city suspended high above the clouds, and accompanied ...

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Why Gravity Rush Sucks 0

I was rapturous.The artwork was beautiful, the premise was interesting, and the main character was delightful. Immediately, I had one of those lightning bolts through my head that electrified my curiosity. This game looked awesome. And being on the PlayStation Vita, it looked to be gleaming jewel in a crown otherwise bedazzled with shite.I was furious.I sat on a cold and stinking London bus, months after the NTSC version of the game arrived here in the UK. I was playing a session much like many ...

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Charming experiment. But everything else is relative. 0

One side mission of GR is about encounter a Scientist searching for his wife in a twilight/phantom side dimension that is the result of a failed experiment to save the world of Hekseville; there is a lot of remorse in his words, but this remorse doesn't exist to me in this experimental game. This game maybe can't save the Vita but is a beautiful and charming place to lose yourself in the traversal of a floating Moebius like city where no everything is what it seems. Is a world full of mysteries ...

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So much potential marred by bad combat 0

Gravity Rush was the exclusive Vita game I was most excited about for when I inevitably picked mine up. All the screenshots looked absolutely gorgeous and the gravity-shifiting mechanics sounded really cool. It wasn’t quite enough to get me to buy a system, but it was close. It was one of the first games I picked up and played (through Playstation Plus, graciously from Sony), and my interest level going in was much higher than it is for most games. Unfortunately, Gravity Rush makes some mistakes...

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This game is AWESOME 0

I really don't get why the game is getting not so good scores. It has beautiful graphics, a nice story, and uniquely entertaining gameplay. An yet when the same "·$ing FPS is released year after year after year they rated it with at least an 8.5 ¬_¬.Enough with the rant, now I will begin reviewing the game :)Graphics: The animations are superb. It is as if the game was running 120fps, it is so damn fluid. All the animations like walking, running, kicking, falling are amazingly done. The game has...

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