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Pretty fun game

Gravity Rush caught me by surprise. It's currently free on PSN for Plus members and the title is not exactly inspiring. I downloaded it for the sake of it without really intending to play it. The first attempt at playing the game didn't exactly grab me, but being slightly inebriated at the time, I resolved to try again under more sober circumstances.

The second time around was much more interesting. The story is told through a mixture of a slightly interactive comic and cut-scenes and although it starts off slowly it eventually builds up momentum. In fact, the pacing of the story is quite good and through the 21 chapters of the game, you never feel as though the story is treading water.

The main character, Kat is like-able enough, her dialogue and internal monologue portray her as a strong, if somewhat naive, heroine. Her mysterious appearance on this floating world is never really explained in too much detail as the game's story tends to focus more on the events that are happening at the moment. Her ability to manipulate gravity is the game's main mechanic and while it can seem almost like flying, the difference is that you are always being pulled in a definite direction rather than flying through the air at will.

While I enjoyed messing around with her gravity abilities, I never really got into the combat part of the game. I just tried to get it over with as soon as possible so I could be free to fling Kat through the city and collect gems or talk to the city people.

The story is quite light-hearted for the most part and it does have a distinctive Japanese flavour to the writing which is funny without being too goofy.


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