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The first three games in the Hugo series were well received and are still known to many to this day who have fond memories of it. Each of the three Hugo games had been inspired by an adventure game trope and while playing very similar, they have utterly different settings. The first game, Hugo's House of Horrors, was inspired by the classic Lucasarts adventure Maniac Mansion and sees Hugo exploring a haunted house where his girlfriend Penelope disappeared. The second game in the series, Hugo II: Whodunit?, is a murder mystery set in the mansion of Penelope's uncle Horace, and is vaguely similar to the Laura Bow series. The third and final instalment in the series, Hugo III: Jungle of Doom, is a pulp-adventure game which sends Hugo and Penelope crashing into the jungle. 
Eventually, the series 'continued' (somewhat) and evolved into a first person shooter, Nitemare 3D. The story resembles of Hugo's House of Horrors, and once again Hugo has to rescue his girlfriend from the clasps of an evil scientist, this time by using guns to blow away Dr. Hammerstein's evil minions.
The company is still intact and headed by David P. Gray, who created the Hugo games but his most recent output goes in a different direction and the homepage offers a jigsaw program and information about Hugo or Nitemare 3D is nowhere to be found.

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