Grease Is The Wiiord

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Paramount have announced today that it would be working with with 505 Games to adapt the 1978 film into a game for Wii.

According to Paramount the game will; "take full advantage of Nintendo Wii's motion-sensing controls and microphone and the DS's touch screen."  (on the DS version)

It's unclear if Paramount and 505 Games were referring to the Wii Speak peripheral or third-party microphones.

Thanks to Gamespot

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My God, i should just burn my wii, its better that way....... ive been hurt too many times

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My friend should have posted the story in the Wii forum given the platform, but it's no big deal.  I think we can let this one survive, because it does have a far better title :P

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Wtf? lol...

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... back away slowly...

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This makes as much sense as Dancing with the Stars.

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