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The final game in the Great sports series, Great Football covers Football (or American Football). It had an alternate release as Sports Pad Football, which required the use of the Sega Sports Pad accessory. It was released on the same day as Great Volleyball and Great Basketball in Japan.

Though the player can choose between the AFC and NFC conferences, the teams are entirely invented and have names like "the Beavers" or "the Knights".


The game plays like a regular game of football with one exception: The computer never plays offense, leaving the player in full control of the ball at all times. However, the computer initially begins with a certain number of points which the player must beat in order to win. Otherwise, it plays like a regular football game: The player must pick a formation/play from a list of available options and then find a way to get the ball as far downfield as possible, preferably to the endzone where they can score some points with a touchdown.

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