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Great Golf is, like every other Great Sports title, a rather straightforward adaptation of its chosen sport. There are a few gameplay variations: The main Tournament mode, a shorter Match Play mode and the Training mode that acts like a tutorial. The game also allows for up to four players to compete with each other in pass-and-play.

Great Golf is one of the latter Great Sports games, released almost a year after the near-launch titles Great Baseball and Great Soccer. It also never made it to the US - the game known as Great Golf in western territories was actually a renamed Masters Golf.


Great Golf plays much like other golf simulators: The player receives a lot of feedback from the UI about wind direction and the par score, as well as a handy guide for the approximate distance in yards that each club will manage to send the ball on a good hit. The player is also able to see the entire course with the game's bird's eye view, which it uses rather than the usual and sometimes obfuscating "behind the golfer" camera view.

The player hits the button once to start a power meter filling up and then hits it again when the power is full to get the most distance on the golf ball. There are also plenty of hazards, such as sand and water traps, to be wary of on each hole of the course.

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