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The Great Khans' new base in the Mojave

In 2161, the Khans gang was nearly destroyed. Some of the survivors fled to the Mojave Wasteland and formed the Great Khans in the town called Bitter Springs. The Great Khans began raiding New California Republic settlements when NCR settlers starting showing up in the Wasteland, which angered the NCR. A contingency of NCR snipers and soldiers received an order to take over Bitter Springs, which they believed was only a gang hideout. They carried out their orders which lead to the deaths of almost everyone in the town, including children. The Great Khans members who did survive fled to Red Rock Canyon.

The Great Khans are infamous for their lifestyle and way of doing things. They travel in large parties on occasion but are typically seen in small scout groups. They usually fight with melee weapons or their fists. When the Great Khans arrive in a new town, they raid it and everything they can't bring back with them is burned and destroyed.

The Great Khans also established a profitable drug trade with a raider gang called The Fiends using the knowledge on chems they gained from the Followers of the Apocalypse, a humanitarian group that intended for them to use the knowledge to create helpful chems, not addictive ones.

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