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The Greater Daemons of Chaos are the most powerful of all the servants of the Chaos Gods. They are mighty entities and avatars of their gods, often charged with leading daemonic incursions out of the warp and into the material realm. Unlike other daemons they must first possess a mortal body in order to manifest themselves outside of the warp.

Their are four greater daemons, one for each of the Chaos Gods:


The greater daemons of Khorne, Bloodthirsters, resemble an archetypal daemon with a human body, hooves, great leathery wings and canine-like horned heads. They take to the battlefield wielding a barbed whip and gargantuan battleaxe and their martial prowess surpasses that of all the other greater daemons.


The Lord of Change, usually manifests in the form of a winged avian humanoid of immense intelligence and capable of wielding tremendous magical and psychic powers.


The Great Unclean One, is a huge bloated creature vaguely reminiscent of a toad. Unlike the other greater daemons the Great Unclean One is a physical representation of Nurgle himself; bloated with corruption and wrapped in a foul leathery, necrotic skin.


The Keeper of Secrets, manifests as a monstrous and bestial creature. It is a lithe and terrifying entity radiant with an unholy beauty.

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