Need Some Help With PS Classics on PSN

#1 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

Serious gaming question that I really do need some help on. 

  • What are the best PSN PS Classic games at the moment?
  • I own every Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, and Resident heads up.  I also don't have the discs anymore.
  • Chances of PS4, NGP, and Android being able to log into PSN so I can FREELY download them again?
What are some of the games you guys bought from there, and are you happy with the purchases?   
#2 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2735 posts) -

The Crash Bandicoot games are fucking great. The first one and Warped are especially awesome.

#3 Edited by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -
@BulletproofMonk: I played the last one pretty late, I was too old for Crash at the time.  I'll see it and put it on the list.  I got a about 40 bucks on PSN and no PS3 games are on that I want, I could buy PlayStation+ but I'm holding that off until they put in cloud saves.  >.>
#4 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12053 posts) -

Symphony of the Night is up there, that game is AWESOME, and worth playing through again. 

#5 Edited by Spoonman671 (5165 posts) -

Vagrant Story is supposed to be coming out soon.  Buy that.
Castevania: Symphony of the Night
Final Fantasy Tactics (I wasn't sure if you meant outside of the numbered series or not)
Front Mission 3 *
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver *
Silent Hill *
Spyro games
Street Fighter games
Twisted Metal *
Wild Arms games*
*I thought these were cool when I first played them.  Don't know if they stand the test of time.
I think it's highly unlikely that you won't be able to access the games you buy now on future Playstation hardware.  As long as you hold onto the same PSN account.
I still have most of my PSX collection on disc, so I haven't bought any of these games yet.  I can only speak to the quality of the games, not the service that provides them.
EDIT: And since I see you're considering PS+, I should let you know that Spyro 2 is free right now for members.

#6 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -
@Spoonman671: I got FFT, Vagrant story I own as disc, and SotN I got on the PSP version.  >.> 
Yo, speaking of Wild Arms, never got into them...explain their usefulness.
#7 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

Silent Hill, Crash Team Racing (!), THPS2, Dino Crisis. Um Jammer Lammy if you're feeling funky. Fuckin Soul Reaver.
But Silent Hill and CTR you should definitely have.

#8 Posted by SSully (4755 posts) -

I own sypro and twisted metal, they are really dated now, but still alot of fun to pick up and play.

#9 Posted by Spoonman671 (5165 posts) -
@KaosAngel said:
" @Spoonman671: I got FFT, Vagrant story I own as disc, and SotN I got on the PSP version.  >.>  Yo, speaking of Wild Arms, never got into them...explain their usefulness. "
They're JRPGs.  The first one switched from 2D to 3D for battle, which was totally awesome at the time, but probably isn't that impressive anymore.  Dungeon puzzles are a little more elaborate than most RPGs and the second game had some anime cutscenes that looked pretty cool.
#10 Posted by Bocam (4053 posts) -

Was Wild Arms the game that had like three separate stories. I know one was about a girl training to be a mage but I forgot the other two

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