Greed Corp: People need to pay attention to this game!

#1 Posted by project343 (2838 posts) -

Honestly, this game is absolutely fantastic--certainly one of XBLA's finest offerings. So, why aren't people paying attention? There's nothing quite like it on XBLA.
Go download the trial if you haven't already.

#2 Posted by Irving (3 posts) -

Agree.  I haven't enjoyed a turn based strategy games since M.U.L.E.  But now I'm hooked.  
You need to think a little further ahead than an RTS.  Took me several times to get through some of the mid level campaighn missions.  Played on line once and got destroyed.  Will try again after I finish the single player. 

#3 Posted by NickL (2247 posts) -
@Irving said:

 Played on line once and got destroyed.

this is mostly why i generally avoid these games...
#4 Posted by Shirogane (3581 posts) -

It looks fairly awesome and all, but I have a deep hatred and dislike of TBS games.
#5 Posted by JeevesPleez (332 posts) -
@Shirogane said:
" It looks fairly awesome and all, but I have a deep hatred and dislike of TBS games. "
Same here (well, maybe not hatred). Still looks interesting though. I might try the demo on XBLA.
#6 Posted by Ultimadark (150 posts) -

Tried the trial, and then bought the full version yesterday. I'm in need of strategy tips though

#7 Posted by Atlas (2457 posts) -

Tried the demo, and I can't really explain it, because I like strategy games, but it really didn't do anything for me. I watched the quick look as well, and it kinda seems neat in concept, but I just don't care for it. It's the strangest thing.

#8 Posted by Titl (539 posts) -

i think it's awesome, it's a cool concept..but damn i feel stupid playing against the AI. i lose all the time..

#9 Posted by ApertureSilence (1157 posts) -

I hereby nominate "Activision" as a potential alternate title for Greed Corp.

#10 Posted by Zaxex (594 posts) -

I've gotta blame the trial for a little of Greed Corp's unpopularity, the tutorial made no sense to me, just told me to build the unit it wanted then move them where it wanted. Didn't know how to play the game till I'd played a few levels and I've gotta say I really like the game, especially its relative simplicity and the risk/reward balance with building harvesters.

#11 Posted by ToxicFruit (1719 posts) -

Loving it. Even wrote a review about it. I am having some problems finding matches online though but that will hopefully be fixed when more people buy it. The quicklook sold me on it, did not even bother with the demo.

#12 Posted by delicious_lie (160 posts) -

I really like this game
I've not finished it yet but I still am just loving it. The idea of your source of resources being the same as your space to build on is just brilliant, and the map design keeps gives you awesome new challenges.
very very good, highly recommended for people that were even slightly intrigued by the quicklook.

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