majorbrusselsxi's Green Day: Rock Band (Xbox 360) review

Fan of Green Day? Get it. Not a fan? Don't.

It's quite simple really. If you like Green Day then this is a reasonable title for you to pick up. If your not a fan and you really hate the music, don't get it. Obviously. 
Green Day Rockband is the 3rd Rockband band specific title. (Yes, i'm including AC/DC LIVE Rockband.) After the Beatles it had a lot to live up to. But well.. It didn't. 
What is it we love about The Beatles game so much? Well, it has history. Green Day game doesn't really have any videos at all and you could learn more about the band on Wikipedia. Although if you don't care about the history since you are already a die-hard Green Day fan you may just want to know about the soundtrack. Green Day Rockband definitely has all the hits you'd expect it to have. With the likes of American Idiot, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams and all the others that you can remember. Which didn't always happen in The Beatles.  
Getting on to the Gameplay side of life. The character models are very good. You will know which one is which, the gay looking one is Tre' Cool. The furry black one is Billy Joe and the other one is ermm... The one who you don't really notice. The models do look very lifelike and so do their animations.  

But that's only the up side. There are also many negatives. You've heard it before, theres only 3 seperate venues. On The Beatles they had created all sorts of dreamlands from dirty Liverpool to a farm of flowers. But on Green Day theres only 3 different places that look the same. A stage with 3 people on it, the whole game.  Also after a while it get's boring and some songs drag on. You don't get 5 star on that song, your going to have to do it again. Then my faulty Guitar Hero controller stops working and i get F****ing frustrated. 
So, like i mentioned at the top. If your a big fan of Green Day and you love their music and you know pretty much all of their songs, go for it. If your not a massive fan and the only songs you know are American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends and Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Don't 
The Good: 
Some great songs in the 2nd set list.  
Recognizable Character Models. 
The Bad: 
Get's Boring. 
No History. 
S*** My controllers broke again! God dammit.
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Posted by JJWeatherman

How dare you call Tre Cool gay!!  :P 
Seriously, though, that was a dumb thing to put in there. Otherwise a pretty good and concise review.

Posted by MajorBrusselsXI
@JJWeatherman: Fair enough. He's a good drummer, i just think he looks weird. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

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