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!Viva La Glorious! 0

    Let me ask you something - Do you play Rock Band still? Do you even marginally enjoy Green Day? You should pick this up if you said 'yes' to even one of the two.Let's get right to what we all want to know - the set list. Green Day: Rock Band may give you "bang for your buck" if you're into Green Day. $60 will get you 47 songs, of which are all of Dookie, American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown (minus the 21CB tracks available already for DLC). The songs on the disc are exportable (for an ...

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Fan of Green Day? Get it. Not a fan? Don't. 2

It's quite simple really. If you like Green Day then this is a reasonable title for you to pick up. If your not a fan and you really hate the music, don't get it. Obviously.  Green Day Rockband is the 3rd Rockband band specific title. (Yes, i'm including AC/DC LIVE Rockband.) After the Beatles it had a lot to live up to. But well.. It didn't.  What is it we love about The Beatles game so much? Well, it has history. Green Day game doesn't really have any videos at all and you could learn more abo...

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Eh 2

This game looks alright if you are a hard core listener to Greenday.  Honoustly this game only has a few of there good songs that I would listen to.  This game will help you to play the instruments but the game is way too easy to play for those who do not know how to play rock band.  This game should not be a game at all it should be DLC for rock band 2.  I wish that they had done that instead of makeing this a game. So I am giving this game a two stars out of five....

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Would Have Been Better at 40 0

  Green Day:Rock Band is another installment in the rock band franchise, and like The Beatles Rock Band it follows only one band through their career. While Green Day is not as prestigious as The Beatles they do make a fun game. There are forty-seven songs on disc along with six songs that are compatible with Green Day Rock Band. Those six songs being the six green day songs already to be released as downloadable content for previous rock band games. Green Day Rock Band shipped with forty...

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It's Green Day's turn to inspire a Rock Band game. My DZ review 0

The fight between the two giant music game franchises, Rock Band and Guitar Hero, still rages on. There is one thing certain that we can say about the fight is that right now Rock Band has a much more vast amount of songs to play, and you can buy them to suit your taste. It’s the crazy amount of music DLC that takes Rock Band above and beyond what Activision does with the Guitar Hero series.It came as a surprise last year when it was revealed that there was to be a The Beatles: Rock Bandgame com...

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Rock Band and Green Day Collide With Mixed Results 0

 It feels like Harmonix pulled out their big guns prematurely with their plastic instrument take on the fab four in last year's The Beatles: Rock Band. It's only arguable by logical technicality that the subjects of said rhythm game are the most well-known and definitive music group in the last hundred years. And the developers went all out, going so far as to recreate the established Rock Band interface with a psychedelic coat of paint, capturing an element of the time period, as well as the ba...

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Green Day Rock Band Review 0

By - Richard J.Green Day has played a large role in the modern punk scene since they went mainstream in 1991. They've had a lot of ups and a lot of downs, but most famously their last "up" which produced to critically acclaimed albums American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. SinceAmerican Idiotwas released, Green Day has come back to the forefront of the music and overall entertainment industry. With Green Day being a modern punk legend, and with their catastrophic success lately, it was a no-...

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