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Not the one ring to rule them all

If your going to ripoff any game, it might as well be the best of the last few years. That was probably the thought going though the developers head when they were handed the reigns to green lantern. With so much game play ripped from the God of War series and a rich history of characters were could it all go wrong, bit it did.

The games opens with the funeral of amur son, the alien who’s death transferred the ring to Hal Jordan. Within seconds an siege of robots called the manhunter start to attack OA the home planet of the green lantern corp, then we are introduced to the game play. Your basic action adventure game play is all here with juggle combos and dodge rolls. Unfortunately the same game play in first few minutes also apply for rest of the five to six hour experience. Game play consist of God of War light mechanics mixed with an decent construct system(the games version of magic). Your basic combos and button layout are all here but unforgivably you never really feel more powerful by the games end. To change things up you will unspectacular be thrust into on-rails sequences Ala Star Fox or Sin and Punishment. While an nice diversion from the generic formula they don’t offer much challenge or depth. You will only have two basic actions while flying with missiles and machine gun ,and after downing so many enemy’s the power to turn into an jet. You do get to go to some decent locals during your adventure and delve deeper into the mythology but nothing compared to something like Batman AA offers. Also some of the boss fight feel unbalanced or downright not polished with the statue boss coming to mind.

The game also offers drop in drop out multiplayer but with it being limited to local and not support live or psn. Also lacking is the support for an true new game plus feature with you having to individually pick the chapter you want to play again. After you finish the game you also wont have enough exp to level up all your abilities. So this feature is sorely missed.

On the graphics side the game is an mixed bag with the character models looking like the movie counterparts but the environmental details lacking. On the plus side the frame rate and load times are not to shabby. Ryan Reynolds sounds like he phoned in the lines, which to be honest sounds like most his movies anyway.

While im an huge green lantern fan, I just cant recommend this game to anyone at the current price( $60.00). For an movie tie-in there have been far worse but the length and uninspired design choices flaw this game. Defenitaly rental at best

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Check some of the typing errors :p Amon Sur is Abin Sur's son :)

I thought the game was pretty good but obviously it doesn't come close to something like Batman Arkham Asylum. Most movie games are pushed through a grinder to coincide with the release date of the movie so we'll never get polish on the levels of Batman Arkham Asylum unless that changes.

I thought the game was pretty decent and being a pretty staunch Green Lantern fan AND gamer I came out of my experience pleased. Even playing on the hardest difficulty setting was fun. My tune might be different if I had bought the game opposed to rented but that has nothing to do with the quality of the game.

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