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I was searching for some stuff for Baldur's Gate, when I ran into a review of the game done by Greg Kasavin, while he was still on Gamespot. I was curious, so I clicked his profile and found his last full blog entry. It's an inspiring little send-off for the Gamespot community he was leaving behind. He also remarks on Jeff's personality and what he thought Jeff would have done, were he given the chance. It's a nice little read, and will probably make your day a whole lot better after reading it.
I think, if nothing else, it's a nice reminder of how much respect the lot of them had for eachother. It's good to know that people are willing to stick by one another.
Also, there's a pretty awesome quote in there:

And I have every faith that we'll be hearing from (Jeff) again soon. I look forward to that moment.

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