Greg Kasavin has a new job

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#-49 Posted by Se7enthSamurai (83 posts) -

It's cool what they're doing with the whole video series thing. Also, it's great to see Greg back around these parts, always looked up to his stuff when he was working for gamespot.

#-48 Posted by jakob187 (21787 posts) -
@Andorski said:
" Finally I can say that Spec Ops: The Line looks pretty mediocre and cliche without feeling like a jack-ass. "
I remember when people said that about Dead Space too.  Look how that turned out. 
I'm still excited for Spec Ops: The Line, with or without Greg attached to it.  Kasavin was never the reason I was interested in it, but rather the direction that they are taking that game in with a very stark and gritty...kind of fucked-up and mentally abusive...direction. 
Good luck to Mr. Kasavin.

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